Ticket to Work - Continuing Disability Review - 36 month Extended Period Elig.

Submitted by Shane on Mon, 05/25/2015 - 22:08

I have been on SSDI since 2000. I have been participating in the Ticket to Work Program since 2010. I have made Timely Progress according to the Ticket to Work Rules. I have however, stopped working during the 36 month Extended Period of Eligibility. SSA has not reinstated my SSDI benefits and has sent me a letter regarding an appointment for a Continuing Disability Review. All the information regarding Ticket to Work states that SSA will NOT conduct a Continuing Disability Review while you are using your Ticket and making Timely Progress.

I found this info. on their website and feel that this is a trick and entrapment for people who have been participating in Ticket to Work and making Timely Progress. If SSA can conduct a Continuing Disability Review while my Ticket is "In Use" and I have been making "Timely Progress" then the Ticket to Work Program has NO INTEGRITY and is a SCAM and ENTRAPMENT for people who are trying to work within their RULES as they have explained them!

Section 404.1590 When and how often we will conduct a continuing disability review:

(h) If you are participating in the Ticket to Work program, we will not start a continuing disability review during the period in which you are using a ticket.

However, this provision does not apply to reviews we conduct using the rules in Section 404.1571-404.1576 to determine whether the work you have done shows that you are able to do substantial gainful activity and are, therefore, no longer disabled. See subpart C of part 411 of this chapter.

DOES anybody UNDERSTAND how SSA can conduct a CONTINUING DISABILITY REVIEW if you are using your TICKET TO WORK and making TIMELY PROGRESS according to their rules???

This is stressing me out and making me feel like an idiot for believing that this Ticket to Work Program was understandable and had INTEGRITY!!!

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do i receive benifits after 36 months

Jeffrey S DeBruin (not verified)
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In December 2017 I was assigned a Ticket to Work at Home from NTI. Because of my severe hearing loss and tremors, I can not do any customer service types of jobs. I have not found anything other than Customer Service Representatives types of jobs on the Staffing Connection Newsletters sent to me monthly. I want to suspend my ticket from NTI and at this time leave the program. What impact will that have on me? According to the various medical categories listed, I am in the severe categories for several categories. Any help to answer my questions would be appreciated.


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Hi Jeffery,

I am sorry to hear that. I would recommend speaking with someone at the Ticket to Work program and see if they can shed any light on your situation.

Anonymous (not verified)
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They call me and ask me to participate often and it's a set up to eventually kick you off ssi or ssdi. I refuse to believe them with this ticket to work crap

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