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Hi i have a question my friend has emotional problems and doesnt socialize with people she gets mad very easly and sometimes thinks everyone hates her but she acts like everything is fine but sometimes i see her crying not wanting to show her feelings.she doesnt have family there for her just me what can i do to help her i care for her love her like my lil sister

april D. (not verified)
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if i feel as if i wana die all the time and feeling exetremly sad all the time what do i need to do ...because talking to someone to vent basically tell someone how i fell...i just cant do like i dont think its necessar to do any more talking because no matter waht anyone has to say ive already made up my mind that i wana die...

Gina Sanchez (not verified)
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I have been dealing with my 14 yr old son. depression anixty ptsd eating dis order sevre bad dreams. he has attempted sucide so many times this yr. he has been in out of hospitals, treatment places. he been home 2 wks this time. he be leaving next wk to another treatment center for a month or so.his depressions has cause him his 8th grade yr and me missing so much work. he still cant aseem to stay in school or in class. I am having to leave everyday to pick him up. I cant leave him alone cause of all his attemps.does my baby meet what it takes to get help? we about to hit a yr of all this. doctors says it gets harder before it get better.


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Hi Gina,

I am so sorry to hear that. Your son may be able to qualify for disability benefits. You can go to the SSA's website and fill out an application form.

Wishing you and him nothing but the best.


marilyn valdez (not verified)
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need to have disability pay to possibly make end meet. I have a caregiver living with me and uses my income for her pay. but I can't live alone with this Parkinson's disease. what to do? I 'm looking for a low lincome housing for seniors or senior community assisting living. everythings on a waiting list 4yrs from now. sad..


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Hi Marilyn,
I'm sorry to hear about that! You may want to contact Elder Services in your area, they may be able to help you with this.

Jean Kuipers (not verified)
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My daughter is 28 has Down Syndrome and does not work. She gets SSI can she also get social security disability benefits?


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Hi Jean,

In order for your daughter to qualify, she would need to have worked in the past. To be eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance, she would need have earned a specific number of work credits (based on her age) to qualify.

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