Hearing May 2015

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Denied 2 times, had hearing with ALJ May 11, 2015. Have fibromyalgia diagnosed 10/2012, car accident 12/24/2012 from which 5 herniated discs with nerve impingement in neck and back. FCE states I gave 100%+ effort and results are can only work 3-4 hours per day alternating sitting/standing, VE stated 'no jobs' and I believe it was stated 'no transferrable skills'. Solid work history since 18 years old, BS in Bus Mgmt , work history considered 'skilled', was 49 at hearing time and have since turned 50. Attorney said judge loved me and that I was super credible, I didn't exaggerate, but was honest. Very fair judge, no Medical Expert, onset date of January 2013 after car accident and haven't been able to work since. No notification yet, still with judge for 'editing', getting real nervous...any opinions or feedback on how this looks?

Barbara Ramirez (not verified)
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I went to court in December 12, 2016 and I have a lawyer, but nobody from his office calls to up date, and when I talk to one of his associate she said that the judge made her decision and that they will get back to me, buts been 1 month a go.


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Hi Barbara,
That may be a good thing! Your lawyer will know before you if you've won your claim, so I would continue to check in with his office periodically. It often takes 5 months to hear back from a judge.

jackie carmichael (not verified)
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how do i find out the stus of my disibility claim , i had a lawyer and we went to court on dec 13th 2018. ? is there a way to find out the status or how much i will get ?


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Hi Jackie,

There are a couple of different ways. You can contact your lawyer, they often find out before you if you were approved or not. You can also call the SSA at 1-800-772-1213 or log into your mySSA account to see if there are any updates. Best of luck!

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