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My husband was recently diagnosed with depression/anxiety. He can work but can easily get over whelmed and starts getting depressed. Can he qualify for disability?


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Hi Kelly,

You can review the SSA's Blue Book to see if your conditions meet the guidelines listed ( You'll also have to either meet the income requirements for SSI or the work credit requirements for SSDI.

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I been seeing psychiatrist and taking medication for ptsd, manic depression, social anxiety and sleeping meds for over 19 years. I worked for a company for 19. Tempted several times to kill my. In the past, I had to go the adults psych hospital twice. I’m at a point where it got so bad, the company let me go. They did accommodate as much as they can. Ultimately it effected my performance and out of work using pto and because I just can’t get out of bed. I couldn’t focus at work, I run into a wall in the middle of speaking to clients or family & friends, so my doctor prescribe vyvance to help me focus but it wasn’t working. I cry all the time and lash out at times. Should I apply for SSDI ?
Thank you kindly,


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Hi Kate,

You may qualify. I'd look over the Blue Book listing ( with your doctor to see if you medically quality. Best of luck!

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Could my 15 yr old daughter receive disability for her anxiety /depression? She is under the care of a therapist

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I got a disability lawyer over a year ago (dec 2018) and had my hearing on November 21st 2019. My case says its processing. At my hearing the ALJ made it clear i dont have many work credits. Is it possible to get ssi?


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Hi Morgan,

If you are under the income limits, then it is possible. You will still have the meet the same medical requirements as SSDI.

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