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Mental illness,My husband of 20 + years was finally diagnosed with, bi-polar mental disorders, after a very lengthy time of trying to figure out what our problem was, and many trips to the ER! WE FINALLY DID FIGURE IT OUT! A doctor in Dallas,Texas confirmed my suspicion! My husband was the sole, source of our income, I must admit, That whole ordeal was very frightening! to me. We lost our new home, help was nowhere to be found,Home stead Insurance disability was a joke! The pressures! I faced alone! No one! Helped me! 16 years later, I'm still struggling, financally! My husband was confined to a mental illness facility away from the state in which we lived,Being afraid of this disorder, and living separate from my husband, i would like to know if, I am able to receive some kind of spousal support. We are still married! and he is no longer in the facility! after 12+ years, I would still be afraid of living with him, Is there any help out there?

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I was married in 2000. We also separated in 2000. We have been loving apart ever since. I thought we were divorced since 2000 because I signed papers. I've recently found out we are in fact still married against my choice. Do I still apply as married? How will this affect me??


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Hi Charles,
If you're applying for SSDI, it may not affect your application. However, if you're applying for SSI, then it may change how your eligibility for benefits is calculated.

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