Osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis, DDD....

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Im a 55 yr. old female. Have had degen disc since 2009, neuropathy 2010, spinal stenosis and osteopenia 2014, knee osteoarthritis(tri compartmental with joint spacing)2015. Diagnosed with epilepsy(caused by concussions),have grand mals but only every 2 years, have petit mals every month to every other month...more frequent when there is strsss such as being at work etc. am having difficulty walking on uneven ground, and standing bothers my back and cant sit for long periods of time possibly due to spinal stenosis or DDD and have pain behind leg which hurts when sitting(PA thinks its due to Sciatic nerve). Also climbing stairs is an issue and can only do one step at a time. Am currently going to pt (about a month) and still dont have full range of motion and am actively seeing an orthopedist and am taking shots in knee for pain/inflammation. He is also suggesting knee replacement. Have some hip problems (pain and instability) and am scheduled for xray this upcoming month.

Ive worked mainly cashiering and there has always been floor work(labor) involved.. Graduated High School with some college. Ive tried to work around the epilepsy throughout the years and at times i get auras and have had to call work to let them know i cant make it in only to be told that I would be written up if it happened again and was also terminated at a different job place when i handed in doctors note saying i couldn't work shift work because of the seizure activity it caused. Though Ive managed to work with the obstacles of the work place attitude itself, I don't think physically my body will allow me to do the work i did in the past. I can no longer stand for long periods of time 20 -30 min max and can walk about a block before i tire out. I can no longer get to a standing or sitting position normally and have to hold onto something when i do. Also, i cant kneel and have trouble bending over at times.(comes and goes).
From what Ive written can you tell me if and how much my chances are of winning?

Apologies for the book I wrote.

Thank you

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Hi there,
I am very sorry to hear all of this. I do know that your epilepsy alone will not qualify you for disability benefits. To qualify with epilepsy, you will need to experience one grand mal seizure once per month, or one petit mal seizure once per week. BUT, because you have so many other illnesses, it sounds like you have a good chance of qualifying. Have you already applied?

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Hi Deanna, I agree with you on the epilepsy alone due to Social Securities strict guidelines. In mid August of this year I applied online and received a letter from the SSA at the beginning of Sept whereas I filled out an adult function and work history report. My local Soc. Sec. office told me that I was just within my time to file and Dec would have been my last month for eligibility, and that if I'm denied that I needed to appeal within 60 days to keep my case active. I missed putting down that I was diagnosed with Edema in 2010 and wonder if its too late in the decision making process to let them know, or maybe should just let them read it in my medical transcripts? Im a little concerned they might miss it if i don't inform them. Thank you, Bev

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Hi Bev,
You can certainly notify them about any new, old, or developing changes in your health and diagnoses. The more you have the higher your odds of being approved! You can call your local SSA office and see what the status of your claim is and if they need any additional information from you. This will also help speed up the process greatly.

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Hi Deanna, Thank you Deanna. I also have a question asked on the SS form about "onset date of disability." Approximately 2/3 of my health problems were diagnosed in 2010 the other 1/3 in 2014/2015. In January 2013 the DHHR (at my request) helped find me a job that would accommodate my epilepsy and back issues thus allowing me to sit as I knew from my previous job that i had issues with both. They found me a cashiering position at a thrift/retail store in March 2013, unfortunately they don't allow sitting and by end of first week I had large areas of sores on my shins where fluid was coming out of them. The following week was diagnosed with Edema and prescribed support hose. Soon after that I started experiencing knee and back problems and wore a braces over them daily and knew that my body couldn't handle the workload. I requested to go down to 3 days a week then finally quit in Nov. 2013. To me, my disability started back when I was working in March 2013 and that is what I wrote down. However, the major mobility issues (osteoarthritis) started in March 2015 and I wonder if I should explain this to Social Security as i did in this posting or will they decipher the date and go by diagnosis and tests? In other words if they think that the osteoarthritis diagnosis in 2015 is the date the disability started will they automatically go by it? Thank you for all of your helpfulness, Bev

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Hi Bev,
This is really just a guess because I am not a disability examiner, but what might happen is that the SSA will approve you but change your onset date to March 2015, which would dramatically cut your back pay. This would be very hard of course, but it is possible that you would be denied without factoring in the major mobility issues. I would honestly tell the SSA about EVERY disability you have and not wait to see if they find out about it/determine you disabled yourself.

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I was recently sent a denial letter and thought it strange that they listed each diagnosis seperately as some of them together affect other things. Have 30 days left to appeal and not sure if i need to call my local SSA office to keep this in the works etc. Currently looking for legal assistance in my area.

Bev (not verified)
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Is the address you provided for disability advocate help? Also, does SSA limit on how much finances they have if they apply for ssdi and if so how much?

Thank you,


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Hi Bev,
Yes, a disability advocate would help. If you are applying for SSDI, your finances will not count at all, but you personally cannot earn more than $1090 per month to qualify for benefits.

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I was injured in a car accident when I was 18 years old. I had open back surgery with fusion and rods, pin, etc for stability. Worked some, but my back pain was increasingly progressing. I now have stenosis and arthritis, nerve paid and neuropathy. I also have a condition known as scleroderma that cause coldness and roughness of hand and feet with thick skin That cracks and is very painful. I also have had traumatic brain injuries in the past prior to the back and spinal issues. My understanding is that since this condition obscured prior to my 22nd. Birthday, I can qualify against my mother's ssh record since.e I do not have enough credits. Any advise?


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Hi Burnice,
You might be able to! You'll just need to prove that your disability did indeed start before you were 22. You also cannot be qualified and receiving benefits under your mother's account.

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I just read the story about 55 yr.old trying to get SSD.Well I am 56- female, I have Degenerative Disc Disease,Spinal Stenosis,Herniated Discs in both my Neck and Lower Back, also narrowing of my spinal cord and Asthma. I lost my insurance 2 years ago.Every day is a struggle.I worked hard my whole life. I need to apply for SSD.I need to obtain my medical records from a previous doctor. Do I even have a chance?


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Hi Sherry,
You may have a chance, and with the conditions you have, it may be worth applying. For the best chance of winning your case, you may want to speak with a disability advocate or lawyer when starting the process. If you fill out the form on the left, we can have one reach out to you.

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I finally won my case! It took four years!
Get a Lawyer if you expect to win.
Make sure you have your Doctor's support or you have no chance of winning.


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Hi Red,
Thanks for sharing! It's true, having a lawyer and the support of your doctor are two key things that can help you win your case.

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I am in early 50s, have Meniere's disease, have daily vertigo attacks have to lay down.
Had inj into inner ear.
Have cervical and lumbar ddd stenosis osteoarthritis, facet arthritis, radipathy, limited range of motion, major depression, anxiety, PTSD, tremors in upper ext, numbness and tingling.
My case was is at hearing level as of March 2017 it is dire need case..
When I got disc in June 2017 from SSA it did not have many med records on it.. I submitted alot more records in July, Aug, Sept of 2017... i've submitted med statement opinion, caregiver, and daughter's statement letters as well.
Also a RFC from provider. Which says no gainful employment which I can do.
Sent Er record were fell down steps from Vertigo with meniere's..
My case Im told is listed as ready to schedule and pending..
Wondering how think chances are.


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Hi there,
It's impossible to know for sure if you'll qualify, but it sounds like you have great medical evidence on your side! Best of luck to you in your claim. It sounds like you have a good case to me.

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I am 55 years old , work at grocery store all my life 30 years full time . I have to stand and walk at list 5 miles a 8 hours shift . i am having lower back pain (sciatica) , hamstring and knee pain had cortisone shot few times also Epidural shot twice . It's heard for me to walk and stand . Dr put me modify work . Do i have chance ?

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I'll be 61 in July and have worked a physically demanding job for 17 yrs, required to left 75lbs with assistance and constant letting and jumping in and out of a truck working 10-12 he shifts and experience DDD since 2005 and over the years doing that job intermittent flareups and have had steroid injections over the years and have fallen in 2011 and was diagnosed with coccyxdia. After leaving the physical demanding job, I went to a desk job for 12 years and since I work from home for the convenience of my employer my back flareups have resumed from sitting 8-10 hour shift and on FLMA for Asthma and diagnosed w/vertigo in 2013 and now I'm having difficulty doing m y current sedentary job. I have applied for SSD and afraid that I will be denied, because I have endured all these medical issues without any complaints, at my age do I have a chance of winning?


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Hi Val,

You definitely could win your case, however your age will play a big factor in it. Wishing you nothing but the best.

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