am i eligiable for ssi if i have severe anxiety?

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lou ann (not verified)
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im being treated for anxiety and depression through a counselor and case management social worker. I'm not taken any medication trying to work through it with just counseling.

Donna C. Pearson (not verified)
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Due to a recent surgery, I lost my job after the company stated they could not hold my job for longer than 2 weeks after my surgery. My surgery recovery period is anywhere from 6-8 weeks based on the recovery process. Although I was already deeply increased my depression and had severe anxiety over having to have this required surgery, the anxiety and depression from knowing that I will loose my job as well. I worked as a customer service rep in a so called call center for a food processor which requires strict guidelines and sitting for 8 hours per day along with making telephone calls to extremely rude people.

kate (not verified)
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I have tried to work full time since my lung lobectomy. I physically cannot complete the requirements. I therefore went to PRN/contract work. I am without insurance at this time ( had insurance ). I have been paying out of pocket for about a year . This includes doctors, CT , MRI and prescriptions. The amount I had saved is almost depleted. I want to continue to work in my field as a health care provider and still comply with my own health protocol. In addition I have anxiety, depression , HPV., COPD and neuropathy and pain in my right upper extremity. I am 62 y/o. I raised my children as a single mother for 22 years and never turned to the government for assistance. Please advise ,Thank You .

Angel (not verified)
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I hav anxiety do I qualify for SSI with all my other forms of medical attention like Fibromyalgia and high blood pressure , arthritis, Neuoropthy, and Very high anxiety , I have very severe Asthma too....


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HI Angel,
I really could not say as I am not a doctor, but you may be able to qualify provided you meet the financial qualifications.

Haply (not verified)
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Any one get approved for severe anxiety ?


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Hi Haply,

It's possible to get disability benefits for severe anxiety. I'd suggest you and your doctor review the anxiety listing in the Blue Book (section 12.06) and see if you meet the medical qualifications.

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