do i qualify for disability if I have a compression fracture in my thoracic 8 vertibria?

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I got a compression fracture in my thoracic 8 vertibria and I can't get a job and I am struggling to take care of my family because I can't lift ten pounds or more and I have a felony from when I was 17 and I'm 24 now I have medical records that show x-rays of my injury. Do I qualify for disability?

melanie (not verified)
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hi i jumped of a bride 30 feet and have left shin bone fracture open left tibial shaft, surgery im nail and primary clousure//left foot fracture dislocation,closed navicular discolatio,surgery talo cun cuneiform fusionwith brone graft. ...right foot fracture open talonvicular /dislocation ,,,washout && k wirer fixation.27th j2018 same foot surgery navicular NoRIF&TNJ stababalisation .
sinal fractufracture l1 , suregery to stabalice fracture /tll- l3percutaneeous fixation . fractured spine no surgey. will i be able to claim pip


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Hi Melanie,

If all of that will cause you to be out of work for at least 12 months then you could be able to qualify for SSD benefits.

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Bad rollover truck accident. T12--l1 fracture. Cracked hip. Ptsd. Depression. Anxity. Alot of pain. Chronic. Got a denial. ????


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Hi There,

I'm sorry, that's tough. There are many different reasons why you could have been denied though. If the SSA still think you are able to work, if you didn't have enough work credits for SSDI or have too high of a household income, you may have been denied.

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Compression fracture t7 t8 resulted in complete obliteration and destruction of disc. Focal kyphosis and spinal cord contouring. Possible discitis was the cause. Attenptong to work under strict restrictions. Im attempting to work but if I cant, worried about options

Katrina Helms (not verified)
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Hi I was in a car accident on Nov. 9, 2018 and I have a lumbar fracture b/c of it I was wondering if I am able 2 get SSI b/c of the lumbar fracture I have also been diagnosed with depression anxiety insomnia PTSD n bipolar


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Hi Katrina,

You'll need to make sure you meet the SSA's Blue Book listing for one or more of the conditions you listed. I would talk with your doctor to make sure you medically qualify. In addition, for SSI you'll need to make sure are below the income limits (under $3,000 in assets if married or under $2,000 in assets if you are unmarried).

Eric kellogg3 (not verified)
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Just got out of the hospital after having to major seizures and a bloodclot in my brain. I already had back issues that SS already denied me for while I was in the hospital for 13 days dealing with the clot and seizures. The did something called a bone scan while at the trauma hospital and found out I also have 13 vertebra that have compression fractures in them.


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Hi Eric,

If you were denied before because of back issues, you may have a better chance of being approved now that you are experiencing some other conditions. I would consult with your doctor and look over the Blue Book to see if your back issues, blood clots, and seizures meet a listing. Best of luck!

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