do i qualify for disability if I have a compression fracture in my thoracic 8 vertibria?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 07/01/2013 - 04:04

I got a compression fracture in my thoracic 8 vertibria and I can't get a job and I am struggling to take care of my family because I can't lift ten pounds or more and I have a felony from when I was 17 and I'm 24 now I have medical records that show x-rays of my injury. Do I qualify for disability?

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Hi there,
The felony will not affect your eligibility so long as you are currently not in prison. It is possible that you could qualify! You'll need to speak with your doctor and have him fill out an RFC analysis. This will be a thorough analysis of exactly how much physical activity you'll be able to do. The SSA will use this to determine if there's no work that you're qualified for. Because you're only 24, it will be much harder for you to qualify compared to people who are 50 or above.

ddaniel (not verified)
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i fractured my spine. i went to the emergency room and have seen an orthopedic surgeon and am not a candidate for surgery. i cannot lift anything. the doctor said i will recover in 6-8 weeks, but i'm broke and am about to be homeless. what am i supposed to do. i am having a hell of a time hearing back from my car insurance. i am scared and in pain.

Molly C (not verified)
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Daniel, I'm sorry to hear about your accident. Unfortunately you will not qualify for Social Security Disability benefits unless you have an injury or illness that is expected to last a year.

Marty (not verified)
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I had a fall from a ladder. I fell 15 feet. As a result of the fall a shattered my right heel, broke my left wrist and have 2 compression fractures on my L1 and T11 vertebrae. I have had metal plates installed on my wrist and got heel. No surgery done on my back. Could these injuries qualify me for ssdi? I have been out of work for 3 years now and living off of workers comp. My workers comp case will hopefully be over and settled soon. My work status has been lowered to a lite to medium duty and I also have no schooling other then high school diploma.

D (not verified)
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Hi Marty,
If your disabilities will keep you out of work permanently, you could qualify for benefits due to your injury. You can consider filling out a Free Disability Evaluation to get in touch with an attorney who can discuss your case further.

Louis (not verified)
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I was in a really bad car accident on nov. 1 of 2014 I have also had a massive heart attact the same year. I can't find a job do to my health what do I do?

D (not verified)
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Hi Louis,
Your disability claim will depend on what injuries the car accident caused. If you lost use of your limbs or face permanent back pain, you could potentially qualify. Additionally, if your heart attack weakened your arteries and left you with continuing heart problems, you could qualify. It is important that you must be disabled for 12 months to apply for benefits. If your doctors expect that you'll make a full recovery within the year, it is unlikely that you will be approved for disability benefits.

Nicole (not verified)
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I was in a accident and I have fracture compression in my back it will take 8 months for me to heal but I can't get a job because I have a serious fracture any wrong way I might turn it can turn bad do I qualify for disability

John (not verified)
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MRI shows compression fractures of the T11 and L1 with moderate height loss. Also chronic bilateral L5 pars defects with resulting grade 1 anterolisthesis. I addition there is broad-based disc bulging at L5/S1. There is resultant severe bilateral L5/S1 foraminal stenosis with possible mass effect on the exiting bilateral L5 roots. Another MRI shows advanced tricompartmental degenerative joint disease in left knee and another MRI shows posterior impingement syndrome in left ankle. Can I get disability for all of this?

Chasity (not verified)
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I was in a car accident on 10-21-15 I have a L1 compression wedge fracture and a hairline fracture on my L2. I'm currently drawing TTD but I'm unable to lift hardly anything, I can't sit stand squat or stay in 1 position for a period over than 30 minutes. I'm just 31 years old do I qualify for disability?

James (not verified)
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Wow, compression fractures seem to be going around. Back it Nov '13 I fractured my L1. Spent a week in the hospital and had to wear a brace. I was a truck driver at the time so not much manual labor. I roughed it out hoping everything would figure itself out in my back. As of 4-5 months ago, it's gotten worse (stiffness, chronic pain, weakness in legs, ). How are my chances?


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Hi James,
If your condition makes you unable to work, you may be eligible for benefits based off of your work record.

sandeep (not verified)
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i hav a compression fracture in lv1 & lv2.i am working in ofc related has adviced me not to left weight or bend and use ls belt.due to these compression i feel pain. Wts my disability % or wt r the chances to get certificate of disability.


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HI Sandeep,
I would not be able to say as we are not affiliated with the SSA and would not be able to assess your level of disability. However, you may be eligible for benefits if you are unable to work and either have the required work history or you meet the income and resource limits.

Sherry (not verified)
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I fell and have an incomplete spinal cord fracture to my C5 and C6. I am know in a wheel chair and have limited use of my had. I am suppose to only life 10 pound. Will I qulify for social security disability?

Shane Fleshman (not verified)
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I fell when I was 26years old and I have a t10 t11 and t12 shattered and compassion fracture to my back and didn't have the fission surgery.I was check and they said am 50percent disabled and now am struggling to hold a job because of my pain. Am 40 now and the doctor said I would have this problem later in my life. Can I draw disable for this if I have the records saying all this?


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Hi Shane,
You may be able to, but it's a good idea to contact the a disability advocate or attorney regarding this as they would be able to help you with the application process and they can fight for you if you need to appeal. We can have one reach out to you if you fill out the form on the left, or if you go here:

Chris40 (not verified)
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About ten years ago I had a fall from a roof onto a driveway that left me with fractures in my talus, wrist and a compression fracture of L5 vertebra. Without going into detail it the ankle injury was pretty gruesome. There were other things that didn't affect me so much then as it does now and my therapist has diagnosed me as PTSD and depression. My spine has been gradually getting more pain especially at night when I try to sleep well my pattern of sleep is messed up. Additionally my job as a CNA requires heavy lifting that has become so difficult I had to reduce my hours down to nearly nothing.

I've looked into this and I understand that my age (58) is a positive and that my line of work is considered at least medium duty if not heavy duty and skills are not transferable to other jobs. So what do you think my chances are of being approved?

David (not verified)
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Crushed my heel and some bone they reconstructed my foot ,I was in a head on collision10 years ago,I'm ,54 and still working, I stay in so much pain, sometimes I loose my balance and fall, I'm not a person that looks for excuses to get out of work, I'm at the point were something got to give. Would disability be worth my time trying for,Thank You.

Donald Williams (not verified)
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Am i disabled


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Hi Donald,
It's hard to know for sure! You can always contact an advocate or attorney if you'd like a free evaluation.

jay (not verified)
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I fell 9/15 from a loft, shattered right wrist, had a plate and pins put in to repair my wrist, compression fractures in L1, T8 and had an old compression fracture in T6, and fractured my sacrum, also they had to replace both of my knees. They tried kyphoplasty on L1 and T8, didn't help with the pain. The pain in my back is constant, no relief at all. Does this qualify me for disibility?

Venus Weatherton (not verified)
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I was involved in a head in collision back in may 2016 my injured was fractured ankle and crushed heel,I was diagnosed with ptsd,depression,and anxiety will i be qualified for ssi benefits.


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Hi Venus,

I am so sorry to hear that. You may qualify for SSI benefits. You can make an appointment at your local Social Security office and they can take you through the proper steps.

Best Wishes,

Vonda whatley (not verified)
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I have a broken back from a comprestion fracture .need to know what to expect from ssi

Harold (not verified)
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I have 1 bulging disc and 4 slip disc in my lower spin with a genetic spine issue called severe stonouses of the spinal canal around my L5 only way to fix it is surgery! I'll never be 100% in my back ever again and I'm 26 would I qualify or not?

Patrick liftee (not verified)
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I was diagnosed with deppression and ptsd and have bipolar and anger issues. I am tryung to reapply gor my bennefits

Sarah (not verified)
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Hi iv had back problems since I was 14 a wardrobe fell down stairs in to my back I am now 22 and found out I have a pars defect at L5 disc space it is well perseved I'm struggling to walk very far and do exercise try and stay in house would I qualify thank you

Riley (not verified)
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Ok got hit by a car while rendering aid to a car accident February 12th 2016. I fractured my L5 and torn meniscus in my left knee. I have surgery in September for my knee I'm in constant pain. I was 17 when it happened. Do I qualify??


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Hi Riley,
I'm sorry to hear about that! You may be able to do so, however I really could not say as we are not affiliated with the SSA or the federal government.

Gonzo (not verified)
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Compression fractures L3 L4,compression fractures T6,T8,Ostiopena,Left leg half inch shorter due to a car wreck.Only able to work because i have been taking strong pain meds constant muscle cramps in lower back when working. Can i qualify?

D. Ro (not verified)
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I am a 50-something female who has worked hard her whole life. And because of that hard work, I have undergone three knee surgeries (Two ACL tears on right knee, and benign cancerous growth in left knee)...and T-11 compression fracture on my back. These injuries range from 1992 to approximately 4 years ago. I work part time and pretty much stay in pain. What would I need to do to qualify for disability benefits? Thanks.

David (not verified)
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I shattered both heels 20 years ago and have plates and pins n both feet. 22 months ago I broke my back n 7 places and my neck among other injuries sustained from a car wreck. I'm only 40 and a union boilermaker for last 20 years. I tried to return to work and made it less then a yr and that's only because my best friend was my boss and let me come and go as I needed. I've since quit working and applied for SS. I'm wanting someone's opinion if they think I will qualify. THANKS

Fred (not verified)
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I was in an accident in 2007 and had t12 compression fracture, have been in and out of back pain since but has gotten to point that i cant stay in one position very long without back pain getting unbearable, went back to doc and found out i have fractured my back again, also on depression meds. im over 50 and wondered if i might qualify?

Debra Stokes (not verified)
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I have a compression fracture in my back and a bulging disc in my neck I am in pain management and I have done the shots now he is wanting to burn the nerves. I work 2 jobs one I sit down and the other one I am up on my feet I get off work and go home and cry myself to sleep from the pain only to be woke up from the pain of my helps being asleep. can I receive disability for my back.


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Hi Debra,

A bulging disc could qualify for disability. But due to the fact that you are working, it may be difficult to get approved.

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