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if i have not seen a doctor can i still get approved i have mood disorder

Beth (not verified)
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The SSA makes their disability decision after reviewing your medical evidence. For this reason it is VERY tough to win SSDI or SSI benefits without any medical evidence. The SSA may send you to a consultative examiner for an evaluation if you have no medical evidence, but these examinations are generally not helpful to a claimant's case. It is always better to information from a doctor who has regularly seen you and understands the severity of your condition.


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hi Beth,
Thanks for sharing! It's true, the SSA does rely on medical evidence to make eligibility determinations

rose perez (not verified)
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I was told to apply for ssi as a widower with a dependent at the V.A services office here in greeley being that i am a widower raising my grandson with my only income being my va dci benefits monthly

rose perez (not verified)
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where do i start?


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Hi Rose,

You will have to schedule an appointment with your local SSA office.

Trudy Baker (not verified)
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I applied for ss and ssdi at our local ss office. I was sent applications for further information to see if I qualify for SSDI. I messed up several pages. I got on line and printed the pages I messed up and filled them out. I wrote the information that was shown on the bottom of the good pages on the pages I got from the internet. Is that OK? or do I need to fill out and order a new packet from SS so all pages have the info, like the case # ss# ect., printed by you on the bottom of the page? Do I need an extension?


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Hi Trudy,

I would contact the SSA to make sure that is okay as you don't want to delay anything. You can call them at 1-800-772-1213 or go to the local office you went to before. Good luck!

Andrew (not verified)
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Don’t waste your time and must consult with the best SSI Attorney.

Anonymous (not verified)
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I am eligible for disability in kidney transplant or not


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Hi There,

You may be eligible for a year after the transplant. After that, you'll be evaluated based on if the cause of your transplant meets a Blue Book listing.

terry scott (not verified)
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I am not Receiving any benefits that I’ve signed up for


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Hi Terry,

Were you approved for disability benefits? Or have applied and haven't heard back yet? If you were approved, you should have received a letter in the mail stating what your benefits are and when they are expected to begin. If you haven't received them yet and you are supposed to, you can call the SSA at 1-800-772-1213.

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