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direct deposit

my direct deposit card expired this month, I called 3 months ago to receive another one and never received it. They say they have a differant address from the one I live at now. Not possible, but they say they need comformation that SSDI has my correct address. The address "Direct Express" says they have, is where they sent my card. How will I recieve my benifits?

Rosemary Pino
want to cancel my direct

want to cancel my direct deposit

Hi Rosemary,

Hi Rosemary,
We are not affiliated with the SSA, please contact them at or at 1-800-772-1213 to change your information with them.

David B Rock
At what time of day is the

At what time of day is the deposit made?

hi David,

hi David,
Generally, the deposit time may depend on where you bank.

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