How do I access my SSD account online?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 12/23/2011 - 16:42

Please, I need a copy verifying how much SSD is paying me per month but I do not remember how to find and then access my personal SSD information account. I would like to print out any document from the federal government (SSD) which proves how much I am paid each month. I have major problems remember things and staying organized because I can't focus, become distracted due to thoughts racing through my mind which causes my life to be disorganized. This is the result of post traumatic stress disorder which causes me to be distracted most of the time. So remembering things & keeping papers organized become a major challenge in my life. Because this is from my childhood and I have had it so long, there is no cure and it has gotten progressively worse over the last 40+ years.

Any help of any kind in finding this information would be very much appreciated. If a tina bit of information about our personal SSD accounts are or how to find them could help me get started. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Very lost 60+ lady,
IJ Heinsie

wendy sparks (not verified)
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I need a paper verifiying my wages

Benjamin (not verified)
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My aunt is my pay e person and she doesn't give me all my money and she is telling me that my money is being lowered to 6hundred and something a month im getting 833 dollars and hasn't showed me any paperwork at all and i asked her for the papers and she wouldn't wouldn't there be paperwork sent to me at my address as well if something like that was going to happen im correct write now and she will not give me my account number to my account I want to be my own pay e because im tired of her taking my money she pays my rent that is 240 dollars a month and my cable that is 100 dollars and only gives me 50 dollars a wk and I have to beg her for that I had to fill out a application for my health insurance and I neede my bank account for it and she wouldn't even give it to me she called me a lier and said she will fill it out for me and I don see the rest of my money she may buy me just a couple of things from the store but nowhere near what I have left in my account she's keeping a great deal of my money so I no longer want her to handle my money I can do it myself

Angel (not verified)
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I wood like to know if my wife is going to be accepted by the stat of ohio for a cheek to tret her illness thank u sincerely billy joe keath kerns

Delilah (not verified)

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Hi Billy Joe, if you'd like to check the status of your wife's claim, you may do so by contacting your local SSA Office where you applied or you may check the status online here.

Edna (not verified)
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i need a copy or a ststement of how much i make a mounth

Methuselah (not verified)

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Hi Edna, you will need to contact your local SSA office to receive a copy of your reward letter. You may also do so by accessing your account online at your My Social Security

Shawn (not verified)
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Why my ssi going down $86.will my ssd go down also on the 3rd

Chastity (not verified)

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Hi Shawn, I would need more information to answer your question. For example, SSI could reduce due to in-kind support and maintenance that someone else provides for you, or if you are in the hospital, nursing home or other medical treatment facility for the whole month and Medicaid pays for over one half of the cost of your care.

Marca (not verified)
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my scial security disability check stopped because my brother died and left me 20,00 dollars,I can't get my social security offrice an the gov number told me my ase was closed wht does that mn? I have to borrow money to get by as I havn't eeivd my check since January.

D-Pow (not verified)

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Hi Marca,
It is possible your SS office closed completely, or that you called at a bad time. I would try contacting them again, and if that doesn't work, I would call the SSA again and see if they can help you. If you were on SSI you will not be able to qualify for disability benefits with $20,000.

Keri (not verified)

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Income doesnt count against SSDI.

Jose Luis Martinez (not verified)
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Need to see status of appeal

Rachel Nickolson (not verified)
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I spoke and answered Question on phone interview 12 .7. 2015
Got some papers in mail .was denied regular SS.not enough quarters.
But havent heard about SSI yet


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Hi Rachel,
SSI is separate from SSDI, you would have to visit your local SSA office to apply for SSI.

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