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My wife was recently (2 years ago) diagnosed with Lupus and Fibromyalgia. She has been sick for about 25 years but the doctors could not diagnose her and called it "Idiopathic" she is bed ridden most every day and gets out if she is lucky a couple days a week. Since she was unable to work but the doctors could not diagnose she was unable to file for SSDI etc. Now that they figured out what she has she is told it is too late to file because she has not worked in 25 years. Was told that if she filed when she was first sick she would have been eligible however they did not know whatwas wrong with her. Have seen an attourney and he said she cannot file because it is too late. How is this fair, she was working as a Physicians assistant and home healthcare provider until she became ill. But because the medical community (many of them) could not dianose Lupus 25 years ago it is her fault and she has to suffer. I am a disabled Veteran and until a year or so ago I was able to support us but now my disabilty is getting worse and I too cannot work. I am thinking on applying but that does not help my wifes medical needs. Her medical bills and medications are far too much for me anymore. Can anyone tell me if there is a way to get her qualified for SSDI?

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She will not get SSDI unless she goes back to work and earns enough work credits. SSDI is like car insurance. You are insured while you are paying "premiums"- working and paying taxes into the Social Security Trust Fund. If you stop working and paying taxes for too long, however, you are no longer insured for benefits (just like your car would eventually not be insured if you stopped paying your car insurance premiums).


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Hi Beth,
Thanks for sharing! It's true, you must have the required work credits for SSDI benefits.

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Has anyone gone through quality review while status is pending? Is this a good thing? I am stressing. Are most approvals the cases that go through QR?


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Hi there,
Every disability case is different, and not all of them go through Quality Review. Quality Review is a process that the SSA uses to ensure that their rules and guidelines are used consistently, about one out of every hundred cases is pulled for quality review.

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