once on permanent ssdi. does your status stay the same as disabled for life? Or change to regular ss after 65 ?

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how old can you still be ssdi.? If it changes after 65 does that change your benifits?

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Hi there,
You will typically not be on "permanent" SSDI benefits. What will happen is the SSA will reevaluate you every few years depending on when your disability is expected to improve, if at all. If you're approved for something that should improve, such as knee surgeries, you will probably be reevaluated after 12 months. The average person who is approved is reevaluated after 3 or 7 years. If you've been diagnosed with something that has a bleak outlook, such as metastatic breast cancer or ALS, you will not be reevaluated for over seven years.

Cyndi (not verified)
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I currently get SSDI and live in california. If I move to Alabama, do I still receive benefits? If so, is the amount the same as in California?

Frances (not verified)
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If you are on social security disability (both you and your spouse) can you have a saving account at your bank, and another question, someone told me we could only have 1 car, is that correct.


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Hi Frances,
Yes, you can have a savings account if you are getting either SSI or SSDI.
Regarding having more than one car: the answer depend on what kind of benefits that you would have. If you and your spouse are both getting SSDI benefits, then you can have more than one car.
If one or both of you are getting SSI benefits, then the second car may count against the resource limits for SSI.

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I receive SSDI , permanently..can I ask for a lump sum payment

Blake (not verified)
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I am 39 I have been disabled all my life with cerebral palsy and i am under my dads ssdi benefits Record I understand if i get married i could lose my benefets how can i keep them and have a life with the one i love?

Joanna (not verified)
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My Cardiac Doctor put me on Permanent Disability. Will the length of time of receiving it only last until I use up what I paid in while employed,or longer if reevaluated in a year and he still keeps me on Permanent Disability?


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Hi there,
If you're on SSDI disability benefits, then you would receive benefits until you reach retirement age, and then it would convert to standard social security retirement benefits. If you're receiving disability benefits based on a long term disability policy that you had, you may want to contact the company that provides the policy for more details.

Reta (not verified)
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I am on SSDI and every 3 years need to fill out review form. Will I need to do this until regular retirement age of 66 or will the reviews stop after age 62? I know SSDI will change over to regular SS when I reach full retirement age, but have been told by a person she didn't receive any more review forms after she reached 62.


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Hi Reta,
You would not be subject to review after your benefits convert to retirement benefits.

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