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SSDI and Retirement

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SSDI and Retirement

Can a person received SSDI and retirement at the same time when on disability.

The SS disability program

The SS disability program ends at full retirement age

The short simple answer when

The short simple answer when SSDI is involved i "no." The SSDI program ends at full retirement age. Your SSDI check rolls over then and becomes your retirement benefit. If you are on SSI, a program based on poverty, you are required to take any other benefit for which you are eligible. So, if you get SSI disability and hit age 62 and are eligible for a retirement benefit, SSA will make you take the retirement benefit. If it's less than you get on SSI, you may be eligible for a supplement.

when you say rolls over.

when you say rolls over. Does that mean just the title changes. Or does it mean an increase or decrease in the amount?

Hi Marty,

Hi Marty,
Just the title changes, you may not have a change in benefits.

I am currently receiving

I am currently receiving widow benefits from my deceased husband's SSDI am I able to also receive my teacher retirement when I become of age?

Molly Clarke
Hello, If you receive a

Hello, If you receive a pension based on work that is not covered by Social Security, SSDI benefits may be effected. However, this may depend on the details of your pension and the details of your husband's SSDI. I suggest you try to contact your husband's Social Security representative to discuss how your pension may change your benefits. It is hard to say without specific details. Good luck.

Peter Bennett
Once the SSDI converts at

Once the SSDI converts at retirement age will the benefit amount remain the same? I ask this because If a person has been on disability for years than what would normally be a livable amount might be much lower if they have not been working and contributing to regular social security. Thank You!!

Hi. I have stage 4 metastatic

Hi. I have stage 4 metastatic breast cancer, and am currently working as a first grade teacher. I am 58 years old, and had not planned on retiring until 60 or 62. Because of my chemotherapy, I am always really tired. It's amazing how much better my QOL is in the summer when I am able to get off of my feet and rest as necessary. I will be on chemo for the rest of my life. Will I be able to get SSDI under the Compassionate Allowance? I have 34 years in as a teacher, so I can retire at any time. However, my retirement will not meet the income I need to continue with my ongoing medical expenses, and would have to have some other work to add to the income. I am just too tired to try to search for something else at this time. I would appreciate your advice. Thank you!

Hi Susie, thank you so much

Hi Susie, thank you so much for reaching out to us and I'm so sorry to hear about your condition. You have a definite possibility to be eligible for the Compassionate Allowances program with stage IV breast cancer. Please take a look at our Breast Cancer and Social Security Disability page, which will explain the medical requirements needed to be eligible.

If your breast cancer has metastasized, or is inoperable or unresectable, the condition qualifies for the Compassionate Allowances program. If you'd like to speak to a disability attorney about your case, please feel free to fill out the Free Disability Evaluation form and an attorney will be in touch. Best of luck Susie!

My attorney recommended to

My attorney recommended to judge to allow my adult son full access to my SSI checks. I need my monies to pay bills etc. How can I stop this process?

Representative payees are

Representative payees are typically only used when someone is too disabled to handle his or her own check. If you have no problem with your money then I would contact your SSA representative to get the matter sorted. If he does become your representative payee however, the funds will only be used for your needs. He cannot spend the money as he pleases.

Is it correct to assume that

Is it correct to assume that an individual receiving SSDI for 27 years when he reaches full retirement age at 65 (born 1954), then switched to full retirement Social Security, can I assume that his retirement monthly payment will be a major reduction compared to his SSDI monthly payment? Is this a fair way to subject an individual who had to adjust to living on Social Security Disability and not paying into Social Security for 27 years? Any and all replies are truly appreciated . . . Thank you

Hi Steve,

Hi Steve,
Your benefits will actually stay the same. The SSA ignores the 35-year work history rule when converting a disabled individual's payments to retirement payments.

I just got off the phone with

I just got off the phone with my dds examiner to discuss my eviction situation, no compassion what so ever. She said the I will be notified by mail of my decision. I applied in April online and I was inform that Oct would be my notification of decision date. Once DDS received my claim the date changed till Aug to be the decision date. New too this, what is going on I am lost. I am 51 age and 38 years of non stop work history. Are these people going to approve me or not. Examiner said the C/E has to submit the report by 6/26 and DDS doctors has to review the report and I should here something 3 weeks from that. Stressed out completely. Anyone aware of this process. Help I am confuse.

Hi Tammy,

Hi Tammy,
I'm sorry to hear about your tough situation. Unfortunately, there is not a lot you can do other than waiting to hear from the SSA about their decision on your application. Unless you have a condition that qualifies as a Compassionate Allowance, you will not hear back from the SSA until a matter of months have passed from your application date.

married ten yrs divorced and

married ten yrs divorced and remarried 4yrs widowed sixteen yrs. am I eligible for benefits from either

Hi Trina,

Hi Trina,
You would be eligible for survivors' benefits if you are over age 62.

I get a widow ss &

I get a widow ss & disability at 66 converts to ss retirement does widow ss stop or change

Hi Donna,

Hi Donna,
Your widow's benefits may continue through your retirement.

How old do you have to be in

How old do you have to be in order to recieve your widow pension that is due to you legally?

Hi there,

Hi there,
You'll need to be age 60 to receive a widow's pension, or any age if you're taking care of a child under age 16.

I receive SSDI and will turn

I receive SSDI and will turn 62 in two days. Can I start receiving my pension from my former work place where I worked for 27 yrs without affecting my SSDI? I am in process of divorce so I need all the income I can get and my work pension was not a government pension but private one thru the UAW Thank you

Hi Sandy,

Hi Sandy,
SSDI benefits are not affected by unearned income, so your pension may not affect your SSDI benefits.

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