Department of Disability Services

Living life with a severe disability can be difficult enough as is. To help those whose conditions prevent them from working or living independently, the Social Security Administration provides monthly financial disability benefits. Below, we will cover an important aspect of the disability process: the Department of Disability Services.

What is the Department of Disability Services?

Often times, people that apply for Social Security benefits can feel confused during the process. It can be difficult to figure out how to properly fill out an application, how to assess your disabilities, how to get medical tests done, or how to make ends meet while your application is being processed. For questions like these, you can turn to your state’s Department of Disability Services.

DDS describes a variety of local institutions dedicated to helping people with disabilities. This help can include transportation assistance, support groups, paperwork assistance, in-home care finders, or over-the-phone/in-person assistance with your disability application. Each US state has it’s own DDS institution, sometimes referred to by a different name (ex: the “Department of Human Services” in New Jersey, or “Disability Services” in Massachusetts.) You can locate your closes disability services office by performing an internet search for a DDS near you.

How an Attorney Can Help

Unlike the DDS, disability attorneys are much more specialized. Their knowledge of both Social Security and the application required to get it is unmatched by any other person or institution. For help preparing your application, staying in contact with Social Security during evaluation, and (if necessary) preparing your case for a court hearing, it is wise to at least consider a free consultation with a disability attorney in your area.

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