Detailed Earnings Query (DEQY)

A Detailed Earnings Query, also known as a DEQY, is a printout or report provided by the Social Security Administration that displays the earnings information from each employer that a taxpayer has worked for during their work history.

A Detailed Earnings Query can be requested at a local Social Security office or a report can also be requested online. The Detailed Earnings Query will display the earnings information that you request as well as other related information such as your name, Social Security Number, gender, or even the Employer Identification that is on file.

There is a variety of earnings information that a Detailed Earnings Query can provide including covered wage details, details regarding self-employment earnings, Medicare for Qualified Government Employment and Medicare details. Pension information, special wage payment information, railroad employment data, address information for each of your past employers and the address of your last employer can all be included in a Detailed Earnings Query.

Oftentimes when an individual is applying for Social Security Disability benefits, the applicant’s local ODAR office will include a Detailed Earnings Query when an individual is appealing a denial of their Social Security Disability claim and is attending a disability hearing before an administrative law judge. However, in order for this report to be provided it must be requested. An ODAR office will not usually provide a Detailed Earnings Query without an applicant requesting that such a query be provided. The information contained within the Query, however, may help an individual detail their employment history and therefore can help in one’s pursuit of obtaining Social Security Disability benefits from the Social Security Administration.

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