DISCO DIB Earnings Record

DISCO is an acronym for DIB (Disability Insurance Benefits) Insured Status Computation Online. This is an online report that provides details regarding benefits for an individual who has paid taxes into the Social Security program and is (or was previously) insured by the SSDI program.

The DISCO DIB Earnings Record contains a variety of details about a Social Security Disability beneficiary including the beneficiary’s name, yearly earnings, the date they were first insured and the date they were last insured. This report does not, however, provide any details regarding the amount of benefits that an individual may qualify for if they were to apply for Social Security Disability or Retirement benefits.

A DISCO or Disability Insured Benefits Insured Status Computation Online report can play an important role in a claim for Social Security Disability benefits. This report includes a history of all of the earnings you received, whether employed by an employer or self-employed, as long as those earnings were covered under Social Security. This record details the amount of your earnings and the periods that those earnings were received. The SSA uses this report to determine the amount of benefits that you may be entitled to should you qualify for Social Security Disability benefits.

Because the earnings detailed in this report are the only earnings that are used when computing the amount that an individual will be entitled to when they begin receiving benefits from the Social Security Administration, it is very important that an applicant ensure that the contents of this report is accurate and that all earnings are reflected within the report. The amount of earnings reflected in this report has a direct impact on the amount of your monthly Social Security benefit payment.

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