Electronic Worksheet (EWS)

When an applicant submits a claim for Social Security Disability benefits and that applicant is a disabled adult worker, the applicant must fill out what is called a Medical and Job Worksheet. This worksheet is available for download from the Social Security website in PDF format, but there is also an electronic worksheet available that allows applicants to fill the information in and submit the details online.

It is important to note that not all Social Security Disability applicants are able to submit the Medical and Job Worksheet online. Prior to actually filling out the Electronic Worksheet, the SSA’s website will direct you to a page where you will answer questions that determine whether or not you are eligible to complete the Electronic Worksheet online. The questions asked on this page cover information such as your name, social security number, date of birth, whether or not you have completed prior applications for Social Security Disability benefits and information pertaining to your specific disabling condition.

If the website eligibility criteria is met, this page will then take you to the Electronic Worksheet where you can fill out the Medical and Job Worksheet online using the Electronic Worksheet. Using the Electronic Worksheet can speed up the disability claim process as you do not have to wait for the worksheet to arrive at the SSA office via mail. Since the information is submitted automatically to the Social Security Administration when you use the Electronic Worksheet, the information is received more quickly and your application processing can begin in a more timely manner.

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