Form 3381

When an individual applies for Social Security Disability benefits, there are a number of forms that must be filled out during the application process. One of the forms that must be filled out prior to your interview with a Social Security Disability representative is SSA Form 3381.

SSA Form 3381 requests detailed information regarding your medical condition, your treating physicians, the medicines you take, the medical tests you have undergone and your job history. Regardless of whether you are having your interview by phone or are actually attending an interview at your local Social Security office, you will want to fill out this form prior to the day of your interview.

There are many details that you will need to provide on this form and you may need to do some research to obtain some of the information, such as the address of your doctor, the dates of certain medical tests, the dates you first and last saw treating physicians and other detailed information. If you have a hard time filling out this form or are not able to locate some of the information needed, the SSA may be able to help you fill in the blanks but it is up to you to provide as much information as you can and it is important to note that this information is important to the outcome of your Social Security Disability claim.

If you are going to your Social Security field office for your interview, do not mail the form in ahead of time. Bring the form with you at the time of your interview. If you are conducting the interview via phone, you will want the form in your hands during the interview as you will need to verbally supply the interviewer with the information you have filled out.

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