Millions of people file claims for Social Security Disability benefits each and every year. The majority of these disability applicants are denied during the initial stage of the application process, resulting in the need for a disability appeal. The appeal process can take quite some time, sometimes in excess of two years. As a result, medical conditions and other factors can change during an applicant’s appeal. When this happens, the applicant must update the Social Security Administration regarding these changes since it may help strengthen their Social Security Disability case. In order to notify the SSA of changes to your condition during the appeal process, you should use SSA Form 3441.

SSA Form 3441 should be submitted to the Social Security Administration when you file a request for reconsideration or a request for a hearing before an administrative law judge. You should submit this form along with the forms that coincide with those stages of the appeal process. This will notify the SSA that there is additional information that they need to consider when processing your appeal.

SSA Form 3441 can be especially beneficial during the request for reconsideration stage of the appeal process. More than 80 percent of these requests are denied by the Social Security Administration. If you have new information that may strengthen your case, the information provide on Form 3441 may tip the scales in your favor.

You may also use SSA Form 3441 if you are receiving Social Security Disability benefits and the SSA has decided to stop your benefits. If you appeal the SSA’s decision to stop your benefits, you may submit SSA Form 3441 with Form SSA-789 (Request for Reconsideration – Disability Cessation).

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