Form 3820

Most disability claims are filed by disabled workers who are no longer able to maintain employment due to a condition that prevents them from performing the responsibilities of their job. In some cases, however, a disability application is filed on the behalf of a child who is suffering from a severe medical condition. When a child suffers from such a severe condition, it is understandable that the parents need financial assistance to help meet the needs of the child. In these cases, Social Security Disability benefits can help. However, filing an application for Social Security Disability benefits for a child requires different forms than an adult application for Social Security Disability benefits entails.

SSA Form 3820 is the child version of the Adult Disability Report. This form will ask you about the child’s disabling condition (or conditions), when the child became disabled, whether or not the disability results in pain or other symptoms and other information pertaining to the disability of the child. The form will also require information about the child’s medical records. All of the information provided on this form will help the SSA determine whether or not the child is entitled to disability benefits from the Social Security Administration.

You can obtain the SSA Form 3820 from the SSA’s website, at your local Social Security Office or by calling the SSA’s toll-free number and requesting them to mail the form to you. If you are working with an attorney, your attorney will be able to obtain this form for you and help you fill it out. This will ensure that the questions on the form are answered properly and that your child’s chances of being awarded benefits are increased during the initial stage of the application process.

Once you or your attorney have filled out SSA Form 3820, the form needs to be sent to your local Social Security Office. You may mail this form in or bring the form in person. If you are working with an attorney, your attorney will likely submit the form on your behalf.

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