Master Beneficiary Record (MBR)

The Social Security Administration stores a number of records including Master Beneficiary Records, also known as MBRs. A Master Beneficiary Record is a record that contains information about someone who has applied for either Social Security Disability or Social Security Retirement benefits through the Social Security Administration. While there is one Master Beneficiary Record that contains information about all of the Social Security beneficiaries who are or were entitled to receive benefits from the Social Security Administration, each person who has applied for these benefits has a Master Beneficiary Record as well.

The Master Beneficiary Record contains various details about the benefits a Social Security Disability or Social Security Retirement beneficiary has received. These details include information about the amount of Federal tax that has been withheld on the benefits paid to nonresident aliens, the aggregate amount of benefits that have been paid and repayments or reductions that have been made in regard to an individual in a given calendar year.

When an individual establishes an account basis by filing a disability claim, a Master Beneficiary Record is created for that individual. The Master Beneficiary Record contains information such as payment amounts for benefits that a beneficiary has received and payee information for the benefits that have been paid out by the Social Security Administration.

The Master Beneficiary Record is used by the SSA in order to respond to inquires about benefits, generate follow-ups on beneficiary reporting events, conduct computer exception processing, provide statistical studies and generate records for the Department of the Treasury as well as other reporting purposes.

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