Medical Improvement Not Expected (MINE)

When an individual receives an approval of their disability claim, their condition is labeled as either MIE, (Medical Improvement Expected), MIP (Medical Improvement Possible) or MINE (Medical Improvement Not Expected). How the SSA categorizes your disability determines how often you will receive continuing eligibility review from the Social Security Administration.

When a Social Security Disability case is labeled as MINE (Medical Improvement Not Expected) it means that the SSA does not believe that the beneficiary’s condition is likely to improve at any point in the future and that he or she will continue to remain eligible for Social Security Disability benefits until they reach retirement age, at which point the disability benefits are converted to Social Security Retirement benefits.

It is important to note that even though a case is labeled as MINE and the SSA does not foresee any improvement in a beneficiary’s condition, it does not mean that the beneficiary will not receive continuing eligibility reviews. This only means that these reviews will be conducted on a less frequent basis. Most of the people who have disabilities that have been categorized as MINE undergo a continuing eligibility review every seven years.

It is important to note that even though the SSA has determined that your case is not likely to improve, you must still cooperate with the continuing eligibility review process. If you do not cooperate with this process your Social Security Disability benefits may be revoked even though your condition has been classified as MINE. If you cooperate with your continuing eligibility reviews and your medical condition does not improve, you will continue to receive Social Security Disability until you reach the age of retirement, at which time your benefits will be switched over to the SSA’s retirement benefit program.

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