When you do not receive Social Security Disability Benefits to which you are entitled, or when you receive Social Security Disability Benefits, but the amount paid is less than you are entitled to, it is called an underpayment. In some cases, an underpayment also exists if a Social Security Disability check was sent to someone who died before they were able to deposit or cash their check.

If you are receiving Social Security Disability Benefits and believe that you have received an underpayment, you should contact the Social Security Administration right away. While it is seldom difficult to have these issues corrected (if you have indeed received an underpayment), the Social Security Disability system will not generally catch underpayments on its own.

Once you make the SSA aware that you have received an underpayment, they will investigate the matter. If they find that they have made an underpayment, they will pay you the difference between the amount they have already paid you (if any) and the amount which you had coming to you.

In the case of a Social Security Disability beneficiary who dies before cashing their check, an underpayment may be declared if the disabled person had a spouse or parent who could have collected the Social Security Disability Benefit and the underpayment is made up to the spouse or parent. Otherwise, there is no underpayment and Social Security Disability payments will not be credited to a person’s estate.

It is important to be aware of how much Social Security Disability Benefits are owed to you each month and to report any underpayment promptly. While you will still be paid any amount due to you if the problem goes on for a long period of time, the process may take longer if there is a longer time period which must be investigated.