Veterans Administration

The Veteran’s Administration is a department of the US government at the Cabinet level. Among other things, the Veterans Administration (VA) is in charge of ensuring that adequate medical care and disability benefits are available to wounded and disabled US military veterans.

Veterans who have been disabled or otherwise wounded while in the US military service are entitled, under the Wounded Warriors program, to receive expedited service on their Social Security Disability claims. The Veterans Administration and the Social Security Administration work together to ensure that veterans receive priority status on their Social Security Disability claims.

This expedited treatment of Social Security Disability claims is due to all veterans who became disabled during their time of service, whether the disability is directly related to military or wartime activity or not. For example, if a soldier contracts a disease which qualifies him or her for Social Security Disability, the Veteran’s Administration and the SSA ensure that his claim will receive faster consideration even if the disease had nothing to do with his or her actual military service.

In addition to ensuring that wounded warriors receive faster service on their Social Security Disability claims, the Veterans Administration oversees military disability compensation (VA disability is different from Social Security disability and may include compensation for partial disabilities). The Veterans Administration also provides means by which veterans can obtain home loans, educational grants and loans, and other benefits designed for current or former armed service members.

Veterans are often referred to a Veterans Administration representative as a matter of course after discharge form the military. If you are a veteran and have not yet spoken with a Veterans Administration representative, contact the VA and set up an appointment. Your Veterans Administration rep can inform you of rights and privileges available to you as a veteran, and can advocate for you if any of your denied disability benefits.

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