How Disabling is a Thyroid Gland Disorder?

If you have been diagnosed with a life changing medical condition, like a thyroid gland disorder, and you are unable to work you may be considering whether you would qualify for disability benefits due to the thyroid gland disorder. A thyroid gland disorder does qualify as a disability and is eligible for Social Security disability benefits.

The agency responsible for making decisions about disability benefit claims is the Social Security Administration (SSA). However, each claimant may be treated differently depending on the severity of the symptoms.

Your work history is one of the determinants used to calculate how disabling thyroid gland disorder is. For example, if your job involves hard, physical work you have a higher chance of being awarded disability benefits than if you usually work at a desk job.

The SSA's Blue Book – Thyroid Gland Disorder

The SSA has created its own medical guide called the Blue Book. This is used when assessing disability benefits claims. To show that your thyroid gland disorder is disabling and warrants benefits, you'll usually need to meet the Blue Book's listing corresponding with your diagnosis. However, thyroid disorders do not come under a specific listing in the Blue Book because most patients can control the symptoms by taking prescription drugs.

Some victims do experience severe symptoms, including depression, anxiety, weight gain or weight loss, strokes, or heart problems. If one of your symptoms is unintended weight loss you can find it under Listing 5.08 for the digestive system. Also, if you suffer from a mood disorder, it is under the Blue Book 12.00 listing.  If you discover that your thyroid gland disorder symptoms match some of the symptoms found in the Blue Book lists, you will need to provide sufficient medical evidence to support your disability before you will be considered for disability benefits.


Providing Evidence That Your Thyroid Gland Disorder Is Disabling

The medical evidence you provide should prove that you are unable to take part in any gainful employment for at least 12 months. What is most important is your doctor’s report indicating how disabling your medical condition is.

You should use the Blue Book as a guide to determine what kind of medical evidence you need to show that your thyroid gland disorder is disabling . You may need doctor’s notes, test results, copies of scans, bloodwork results and more depending on your condition.

Get Help Determining If Your Thyroid Gland Disorder Is Disabling

If you aren’t sure whether your thyroid gland disorder qualifies you for disability benefits you should consider seeking help from a Social Security disability attorney or advocate. The attorney or advocate can help to assess your claim based on the medical evidence you have provided, your work history, and anything else that can be used to support your claim. You may have a far higher chance of winning your claim than if you file it with no help at all.

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