Is Peripheral Neuropathy a Disability?

Yes, it is considered a disability by the SSA. This is because a person suffering from peripheral neuropathy is unable to work for at least 12 months due to the symptoms of the medical condition.

If this has happened to you it may be possible for you to qualify for disability benefits which will help you bear the stress of financial suffering while you are unable to work due to the severity of your medical condition. Peripheral neuropathy refers to the medical conditions that occur when the nerves that carry messages to and from the brain and spinal cord from and to the rest of the body have become diseased or damaged.

Is Peripheral Neuropathy a Disability?

The SSA does consider peripheral neuropathy to be a potential disability. To be eligible for a disability benefit for peripheral neuropathy you are required to meet a Blue Book listing and provide sufficient medical evidence which proves that your symptoms will stop you from working for at least 12 months. The SSA uses its Blue Book to determine eligibility for disability benefits.

Section 11.14 of the Blue Book lists the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy that may help you qualify you for a disability benefit.

To be eligible for a disability benefit with neuropathy, you need to show that you are experiencing the following:

  • diminished motor function in at least two of your extremities which prevent you from taking part in normal daily activities, like standing up or keeping your balance while walking at an average pace.
  • have neuropathy symptoms that limit your physical ability to interact with your peers at work.


What Types of Peripheral Neuropathy That Are Considered a Disability?

  • Polyneuropathy occurs when many peripheral nerves within the body malfunction at the same time which can be caused by exposure to certain toxins like abuse of alcohol, bad nutrition and complications from diseases like cancer or kidney failure.
  • Mononeuropathies are due to damage to a single peripheral nerve, often caused by a physical injury or trauma such as from an accident. Also long periods of pressure on a nerve, caused by long periods of being sedentary.
  • Idiopathic neuropathies are from an unknown cause which accounts for 33 percent of cases.
  • Hereditary neuropathies are diseases of the peripheral nerves that are genetically passed from parent to child.

As soon as you have located peripheral neuropathy in the SSA Blue Book you should start to prepare your claim for a disability benefit. This means providing your doctor’s medical report which shows you are suffering from a serious form of peripheral neuropathy which prevents you from working for at least 12 months.

Get Help With Your Disability Claim

To be certain your disability claim for peripheral neuropathy is not denied you should ask for help from a disability attorney who may make sure your evidence is sufficient for your claim to be accepted.  Complete the Free Case Evaluation today.

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