What is Included on My Disability Application For Kidney Dialysis

When you need kidney dialysis on a regular basis it can be impossible to work. If you can’t work because you need to dialysis you can apply for Social Security disability benefits. Disability benefits from the Social Security Administration give you a lump sum of money each month that you can use for living expenses like housing, food, utilities, or other costs while you are unable to work. You will need to submit medial documentation of your condition and the need for kidney dialysis on a regular basis with your application for disability benefits. When you’re ready to file a claim for Social Security disability benefits you will need the following documents to submit with the application:

Medical Documents Needed in Your Application

Once it has been determined that you are not going to be able to work for at least 12 months because you need kidney dialysis you will need to provide many medical documents that prove your medical condition and the amount of treatment that you will need. Those documents will prove why your condition will make it impossible for you to work.

You will need a copy of the diagnosis of the condition that caused you to need kidney dialysis from your doctor as well as the diagnosis that dialysis is the only treatment option for your condition. You will also have to provide other medical documents like notes from your doctor discussing your symptoms and the doctor’s recommendations, treatment plans, copies of orders for lab tests and copies of the lab results, a list of the medications that you’re currently taking and copies of the doctor’s prescriptions for those medications, and any other medical documents that are relevant to your condition.

You will also need to submit a document listing the name, phone number, and address of all the doctors that you have seen, all the hospitals and clinics where you received treatment, and any caseworkers or advocates that you have worked with.

Other Information You’ll Need

You will need to submit financial documentation as well as the medical documentation that was already mentioned. In order to get approved for Social Security disability benefits you will need to submit copies of your most recent W-2 or pay stubs that showed that you were working full time until your illness made it impossible to work. If you’re self employed you can use your most recent federal tax return as proof that you were working until you couldn’t work any longer. Also you will need to submit a list of the names of the companies that you have worked for along with their phone numbers and addresses. And you will need to provide a copy of your Social Security card and a birth certificate or baptismal certificate as proof of your identity.

How A Social Security Attorney Can Help You With Your Application

It can be confusing to file claim for Social Security disability benefits and also a little intimidating because there is so much documentation that you need to have. Working with an attorney that specializes in Social Security disability claims is a good idea because that attorney can walk you through the process of filing, help you organize and prepare your documentation, and fight for you if your original claim is denied. Social Security attorneys work on contingency so they don’t get paid until your claim is approved.

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