careless DDS worker...can I file a complaint against him w / SSA ?

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I am worried after receiving a letter that my sons application was denied today. I am concerned because the DDS worker was mixing up doctors while we spoke on the phone several times and he also did not include :

the chief diagnosis ( he was still being diagnosed during the application )

He did not include all medical records I faxed to him/ he confirmed with me he received.

he did not even request any of the medical records properly. he wanted to quickly get rid of claim and thats what he did.

What he did do :

He included 3 other peoples medical records and who knows what they say. They are places I have never heard of and they were received BEFORE the application date. I would like to know who they belong too.

I am not sure how to send a formal complaint about the worker to review what hes doing to people. A big waste of time when people are in need of help and its not right.

When do you have a legal right to obtain a copy of the medical evidence used to deny the claim ? Can I do this now ....before we file the reconsideration ?

Sorry to vent , lol...I just need some guidance please on how I can make sure they have all the correct medical records available during the reconsideration. How can I make sure they only use my sons records and not this other persons /people .

I truly appreciate all your help , thanks again :)

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Hi there,
So sorry to hear this happened to you. I unfortunately do not know much about the next steps you can do. I think your best bet would to report a case of fraud or abuse on the SSA's website here:
I hope that you can get things settled shortly!

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I am requesting continuation of benefits , I am attending Tennessee State University as a Freshman from August 2016- 2017


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Hi Marcus,
I'm sorry to say that we are not affiliated with the SSA and have no ability to continue your benefits.

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I hired an attorney and filed for disability in 2012. First two phases I was denied. The letter I received from the judge had 3 reasons that they believe would help me get disability, and many pages as to why I was denied. In my opinion, there were 1 reason that mattered, that being medical proof of shoulder replaced, along with my arm bone dying. I took this info into my lawyer before deadline. On that day my lawyer said she tried to reach me and couldn't do she forged my appeal and that it was too late to summit this so very important information. My case is on 4th stage, and I was wandering if there is anything I can do before this gets denied again. Thank you so much.


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Hi Jody,
I'm sorry to hear that! I'm not really sure, but your lawyer may be able to introduce that evidence during the hearing or possibly prior to it. You may want to get in touch with them to go over your options.

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1. Go to your local office RIGHT AWAY AND TELL them you are requesting reconsideration AND that your benefits and medicare be continued pending the outcome.
2, I only had 10 days to do this, but I think its more time now. Ask them to please give you a few days to get your records together because this was expected.
3. DEMAND TO SEE YOUR FILE RIGHT THEN. They refused to show me my file for a whole year, and there was some bogus report in it. MAKE THEM SHOW YOU YOUR FILE. YOU HAVE 100 PERCENT RIGHT TO SEE ALL THE EVIDENCE CONSIDERED THEY USED TO DENY YOUR CLAIM.
4. When you go home, photocopy every single possible medical record, doctor note, xray, psychiatric note, surgical file,evidence of your disabling conditions you can find. My reconsideration officer told me she only wanted to see stuff from the last 13 months, which is BS, she is obligated to look at everything anew, and the folks who made my initial determination never had this stuff. JUST GET IT IN YOUR FILE. BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY.
5. Be careful. My paperwork process went on for 14 months, then one day, i got a letter saying I had a hearing in a week. I was TOTALLY THROWN. THEY'd NEVER LET ME SEE MY FILE! When I finally saw it, I was destroyed. I had a shitty shrink 2 years back (whose since lost his his ability to provide medicare) who didn't like me so he "anonymously" called SS and instituted a FRAUD investigation against me.Fake cops came INSIDE MY HOME under the guise of investigating a fake burglary, asking me all these questions. Then, these cops, with no medical training and to whom i disclosed no personal information concluded I was perfectly healthy.Based on that, my CDR was denied. During my reconsideration hearing, the hearing officer clearly gave more weight to my ongoing treatment with the private psychiatrist I'd seen for life and returned to after the Medicare doc went crazy than to some untrained cops. So hopefully it will go my way.

ONE THING THAT I WORRY ABOUT....she refused to accept all the records of my many physical disabilities. Suggesting it would be simpler to grant my case on psychiatric issues. That it would be faster. And that she didn't want to clutter up my file. I appreciate her expediency (and oh heaven her kindness), but the consequence of this is that there will still be NO records of my debilitating physical disabilities or my stroke on record. I would stringly encourange anyone to force all their records into their files no matter what.

Finally, keep CLOSE watch on all the rules and regulations. They change every day. I only had 10 days to file for reconsideration. Now, they give you 60. There was NO hearing at the reconsideration phase last year. Now there is, but now some offices are doing away with it. And, if you are filing in southern California, I would strongly advise against filing any applications downtown, in chatsworth, or in Panorama City. The homeless populations there are very high, so there is great pressure to deny applications.

Anon above, when you see your sons file, if there is anything in there unrelated to your son, MAKE A STINK, and get it taken out. If you are given any trouble, ask for a supervisor. But i found the reconsideration officers to be very nice. That whole statistic about only 6 percent of people prevailing on this level isn't true.

good luck!

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going to have dds doctor evaluation whatshould i expect and effect on my cdr


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Hi there,
I really could not say as every case is different, I would just be honest and truthful with the doctor about why you are unable to work.

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