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I am not quite sure where this should be posted. First time here. I just got a copy of the IME report, yesterday. I am wondering what is usually done when there are contradictory statements in the report (within the same sentences even)?

Examples (from the report):
The claimant can stand and walk up to two hours because of the easy fatigability, severity of the pain, lumbar degenerative disc disease with radiculopathy and failed cervical fusion with recurrent degenerative disc disease with cervicalgia.

The claimant can sit up to two hours because of pain with sitting from degenerative disc disease.

The claimant can lift and carry up to 20 pounds occasionally and 10 pounds frequently because of the decreased range of motion of the neck, mild decreased grip, easy fatigability, cervical and lumbar degenerative dis disease with radiculopathy and and decreased balance.

Anyone else see the problem??? It goes on with a few more statements saying "CAN" because of all the issues.

Please help

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Hi there, This definitely seems like a typo or something! I would recommend calling the SSA at 1-800-772-1213 to see if you need to correct the issue.
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I was denied. They said I could work part time. They also said that that was two hours in an 8 hour day. I am just wondering who would hire me even part time when I can only sit for a total of two hours in an 8 hour day (can not sit more than 10 minutes at a time with long breaks in between) and stand up to two hours. I need to lay down during that time to help relieve the pain. I guess I am sending in for reconcideration.


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Hi Brenda,
So sorry to hear that. Have you contacted a qualified attorney about this yet? One could really help you get the benefits you need.

Brenda (not verified)

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Not yet. From what I have read, if they deny me after reconsideration I should get a lawyer. It took me three days to complete the forms (can't sit or type long) and then I submitted them on line. Now is the waiting game. Just like my workers comp case. I was told I should never have seen the report. I think I know why...there were tests on there that were never done and they lied, saying I should see my doctor because of a high bp reading. I was never told what it was or to see a doctor for it. I am glad I have a copy of it.....this will be good amunition. I told the worker that my doctor wanted to talk to their doctor about the report. The lady told me that the report was final and that my doctor could not contact the doctor about the report.


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What a horrible situation! Well to be honest, the odds of you getting approved at reconsideration are very very slim, but they skyrocket at your ALJ hearing. If your reconsideration application is denied, you should definitely contact an attorney. He or she could prove that your medical records are off in a hearing.

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I have a few questions... Sorry. Where can I find my work history to file fill out form 3369 because my I. Do not remember the last 15years? My second question is does anyone know where to get the Residual Function Capacity form so I can get my doctor to fill out? Lastly. Is chronic cluster migraines and DVT in the blue book. I believe it is, however now as told me I do not have enough medical evidence so I have to see their doctor... I am not being treated no more from my doctor because after trying so many medications and treatments... My doc told Me there is nothing she can do for me...I heard when u see their doctor.. That isjust the final step tocloseur case and it will be that true

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