Relationship with someone on SSDI getting serious

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Hello there, I've been dating someone on SSDI for nearly a year, and we are discussing our future. I assume that his SSDI is auxiliary from his parents, so he's been told that he will lose benefits (income and insurance) if he gets married. This is not a huge concern for the duration of marriage, as he could be on my benefits. HOWEVER, the concern is if we would ever end up divorced, could he get back on SSDI from his folks? Does he have to pay back anything he's collected in the years before I knew him? How long would it take to get benefits reinstated? We are at a stalemate on the relationship not knowing these answers. Any help is appreciated!

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Hi there,
This is probably the best question I've ever received on the forum. I have no idea what the answer is, so I called the SSA. Bethany, the receptionist who took my call, was actually unsure of the answer herself! She said she believes it's possible, but it would depend on how long you were married. If you are married for more than ten years, he could always get benefits on your earnings record after age 50 so long as he doesn't remarry.

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Thanks for your reply - that was kind of what I was seeing - that if it was within 5 years he could apply for expedited reinstatement, but if we were between 5-10 years of marriage, or if we divorced before he was 50, then he would be out of luck. Ugh. Doesn't bode well for convincing him marriage & kids is a good thing :) Thanks for the help!!

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I am 58 and disable, receiving SSD from deceased husband's SSN. My question is if I remarry will I lose my benefits.


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Hi there,
Yes, if you get remarried you will no longer be eligible for benefits on your deceased husbands' account.

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