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My children's benefits

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My children's benefits

I am on ssdi. My monthly check is $827. Originally it was like $797 when it started. My 4 dependant children received a check for $47 each as my family benefit. A few years later my husband became disabled. As of today, bc I can't remember what he started off at 3 yrs ago. His check is around $875-900. From the start each of our 2 children received over $400 & now currently $ 453 each per month.

Why did they only get chump change, obviously not enough to feed them for week under my disability, & such a high amount under his. It appears that my kids get the same monthly amount that he does split between them.

Now when all 4 children went from being listed under mine, to my older 2 (w/different husband) listed under me & the younger 2 listed under him. My older 2 got $47 a month each still. They didn't take the $94 the younger 2 received total together & add it between the 2 older two. They just took it away.

For some reason the calculation doesn't seem right or that my allowance amount was reduced when I removed 2 dependants. I was under the assumption that the allowance was a set amount you get, that is then divided by the dependants. So if it was 100. 4 kids each would get $ 25. But if it was $100 & 2 kids they would each get $50. The benefit amount isn't supposed to decrease right? Only increase w/cola?

So confused help?

I am very confused by this

I am very confused by this also. Children's benefits shouldn't decrease like you said! I would consider contacting the SSA rep who handles your case or calling the SSA at 1-800-772-1213 to discuss what may have happened to your benefits.

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