Increase on my SSDI Benefit?

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Friends told me that if my father passed away then my ssdi will increase? I understand he worked many years than me.


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Hi there,
Potentially. If you are on disability benefits and your father passed, you could receive survivor's benefits under his account. You will be eligible for up to 50% of his benefits. Keep in mind that you cannot receive these if you are married, however.

Pas (not verified)
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I am on SSDI and would like to sell my house as I am unable to keep up with the maintenance and taxes. Will this be considered income? Will it effect my benefits? I am 64 unable to collect Social Security until 66.


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Hi Pas,
SSDI benefits have no income limits, so if you are getting SSDI, then there would be no change in your benefits.

R. White (not verified)
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I received a fully favorable decision for SSDI I calculated the earned work credits that I had and came up with a figure of $1166.00 I have received 4 months of payments so far of $657.00 per month after they take out for medical. I think there is a problem here.


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Hi there,
There may be! I would contact the SSA to confirm what they calculated for your work credits.

Bernard (not verified)
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Hello, I was approved and have been receiving ssdi payments since 02/2014. How can I have my benefits evaluated for an increase. Also i was working part-time upon my approval which now I'm not. Will i be evaluated for the time that I worked while receiving benefits.


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Hi Bernard,
SSDI benefits may not be eligible for any increases as they are based off of your work record.

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