How is a payment amount determined?

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Hi there!

So I've been on disability for about 6 years now, with my payments around the 500$ mark. It's not easy living on that much, but I've made it work and been grateful for the help. Yet today, a friend received her decision to receive disability, and she's been awarded over 1,000$, more than double my own amount. I had no idea payments could go so high. I can't help but wonder how this works now, and if it's possible to get my own payments raised.

Thank you for your time!

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Hi there,
SSI benefits depend on your income and resources. If you've got more income and resources, you get less benefits. SSDI is based off of work record. The more your income and the longer you pay social security payroll taxes, the larger your benefit in that case.

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Im on SSD, $1,156 a month how do I find out if i have been receiving the right amount per month?


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Hi Kenneth,
If you're getting benefits based off of your work record, you can find out if you're getting the right amount by verifying your work record with the SSA.

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I'm on social security disability. I was married for 21 years Can I collect from my ex husband social security at age 50? My ss attorney told me I would be able to. But not sure


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Hi Marie,
You will! This is assuming your ex is either disabled or retired, and you do not remarry.

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