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I am on SSDI, after I snapped my neck at work in 2000, and got SSDI 2005. I got married in 2011, and was served with divorce papers two months ago. She is going after my disability. Can she???? Where is it written?? Thanks Bob B

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Hi Bob,
Luckily, she can't affect the amount you receive from disability, you will recieive the same amount of money regardless of her eligibility for benefits based off of your work record. However, she may be eligible for benefits based off of your work record.

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if 2 people divorce and he draws disability. in the divorce decree it states he has to pay her 600$ monthly for house payment. but he does not pay it. can she get his check garnished for it?


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Hi there,
It's possible, but I do not believe that it's up to the SSA to decide, it would likely be up to the divorce court.

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My ex gets ssi, my children were getting it when we were married. Now he is getting garnished for an overpayment and he is not paying child support, how do I go about claiming this ssi for my kids?

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