Father awarded SSDI Autistic son collects SSI

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When I received my SSDI award it was a lessor amount because my adult autistic son collects SSI from my SS benefits. Example: Awarded $2800 but $600 was deducted for my son's SSI payments. I was just told he should of applied for benefits under his father and he would probably receive a larger amount & I would not have the $600 deducted from my ssdi. Since he's been collecting long before I, shouldnt my SSDI not only increase the award to $2800 but also go retroactive with the $600 they've dinged me for my son's SSI? Why wasnt this automatic? All my paper work show I am a single dad with an autistic son that is on SSI...??

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Hi there,
Your son likely experience a reduction in SSI benefits because SSI would be based off of your income and resources, and it's very possible that your SSDI payments increased your income to the point that he would have a reduction in his benefits.

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is there a program where i can recieve a stipen as a caregiver for my son who has autism?


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Hi There,
I'm not aware of any programs that allow you to receive a stipend, but you may qualify for SSI based on income and resources.

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If your autistic son is in a state program for the developmentally disabled you can work for a company that provides care taker staff. Search online or Call your county social services agency or 211 to find out the name of companies in your area. I am currently being offered this very part time position but being on SSDI myself I am afraid it will jepodize my SSDI. I can't afford to lose my SSDI benefits. No where on the SS website or booklets does it say you can earn a small amount. It only talks about the ticket to work program, I know can't to that.


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Hi there,
IF you're earning less than $1,130, you may be able to work and receive benefits at the same time.

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