retirement over ssdi

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I was disable an an accident in 2006 and has been receiving 100%disablity every since I am now 63 years old can I still file for my ss or retirement pension with out loseing my disablity

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Hi there,
If you file for retirement benefits, you may receive a slightly lower benefit amount before full retirement age, but you would not receive both disability and retirement benefits.

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I have been disabled and on and ssdi for about 3 years and on workers comp since my back operation for about 5 years I just setteled with workers comp.i am 100% disabled I am thinking of triing to get active somewhat as golf that I used to love playing hiking biking.ive tried these activetise before with no success always put me in bed for a day or 2.would ssdi consider me not disabled no longer.I think 1 day of golf is worth 2 up to 3 days in bed. Also I will be turning 62 in a month


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Hi There,
No, you may not be considered no longer disabled because you golf, however if it does take you two days in bed to recuperate from that, it might be an indication that golf might be affecting you more than you would think.

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