decedent recieved ssi and has unclaimed money

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will ssi have to be repaid if a decedent received supplement insurance and had over 3000 dollars in unclaimed money held by the state

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Hi there,
I am sorry for your loss. The SSA may ask you to repay funds if they count it as a financial resource, however the SSA's criteria for what is a resource generally covers things that either are cash or can be sold or converted into cash, like cars, second houses, bank accounts, stocks and bonds.

Robert (not verified)
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I just found out that they are counting unclaimed money for every month of my backpay, I did not know the money was there to start with until just a year ago. so now i only get back pay for a year. All of the money was owed to the people that has been taking care of me, almost three years of back pay they say i was not eligible for. I would think the guy figuring this bull would realize that it was not usable by me for personal reasons only to pay back for room and board. What is your opinion?

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If I receive SSI benefits will my benefits be affected if I claim unclaimed money?

Joseph (not verified)
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I was called and told my SSI had been approved accept for the said phone call he said I was to receive check in about two weeks and a card with my ballence on it with my medicare card in about thirty days I'm questioning the check thing because from what I understand ass no longer issues checks


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Hi Joseph,

It is true that the SSA no longer issues paper checks, however payments are often still called "checks". If you set up a bank account, you will most likely receive a direct deposit.

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