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My mother currently lives in TX. She is moving to WI. What do we need to do to transfer benefits?

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Hi there,
SSI and SSDI are federal benefits, so you may not need to do anything. However if your mother is getting "extra help" with her Medicare or is getting Medicaid benefits, she may need to re-apply for those benefits as they are state run.

Melissa (not verified)
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How can i transfer my ssdi to oregon from California and i have a pay ee and dont need one anymore how can i relocate my income as well as get direct express


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Hi Melissa,

Since SSDI/SSI is a federal program and not a state program you don't need to transfer anything, however you should notify the SSA and let them know that you are changing addresses.


Carrrie Ferguson (not verified)
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Can I receive Ssi cause I have had seizures and been hospitalized for them and not Stayble minded

Sammi (not verified)
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I receive SSID in Colorado. I have a progressive fatal heart/lung illness where i dont get enough oxygen in my blood. I want to move to california because at sea level i feel great. At this elevation (colorado) i feel horrible and also build too many red blood cells resulting in congestive heart failure. Will ssid help me with relocating if it will improve my quality of life?


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Your actual SSDI payments will not be affected by a move to another state, and you would not need to go through the process again. Before you move to another state, you should be aware of how it will affect any state supplemental payments you are receiving. 

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