I need help for a family member

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My cozen was hit by a car some time ago and is 100% permanent and total disabled, She will never be able to walk again or perform the duties of most jobs. The problem that were running into is that the lawyer that she got has done little to help get her disability as well as took most of what she received in back pay, and rarely ever contacts her. It is hard for me to do much where I am at because I live in Florida and she lives in South Carolina.
She said that she was receiving one form for around $400 a month and then was allotted another that was randomly taken from her.
I know this sounds like a begging situation from someone that is trying to get help from the government; however, a little about her. She is a mother of 3 and adopted 3 others. She was a very hard working mom and refused any help that she was not able to work for (independent southern woman). She was struck by a drunk driver who took off at the scene and left her on the side of the road for dead. She lost most of her right leg in the accident (the muscle and tissue was gone down to the bone)
Now she is needing help and there is no one to help her with all of this stuff. I know VA disability because I went through the VA disability myself after being shot a number of times and victim in an IED blast; however, I know nothing about how to help her out.
Where is the best resource to look into this situation to help her get something going so that she may support those babies.

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Hi there,
if your cousin is receiving SSDI, then she may qualify for auxiliary benefits for her children. Also, SSDI is not a handout, it's disability insurance, and she paid for the insurance through Social Security taxes taken out of her check.

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