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i get ssdi : is there a maximum of $2000 i can keep keep in my checking account ? , before social security starts looking at my closer ? 64 yrs old; thanks

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Hi there,
if you are receiving benefits based on your work record, there are no financial limits for eligibility, so you may be able to keep over $2000 in your account.

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i am receiving a workers comp settlement, i receive disability amount $1348.00, the settlement is $19,339 before attorney, etc, my sum i will receive is $13,000, my age is 55, will this affect my disability amount?


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Your disability amount should not be affected by any additional incomes because it is based off of your own earning history.

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What if you never worked before but plan on working as a electrician because I’m certified in that field how would that work. I’m only 35


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Hi Nick,

If you are on SSI, having an income generally leads to a partial/complete reduction of your benefits. The SSA will decrease benefits by $1 for every $2 made.

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Hi I just received a disability settlement. And am now on as disability. I have a ira from when I worked . Will this affect my disability and how much I can save now?


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Hi Marie,

Disability benefits are not affected by income, therefore this should not change your benefits. If you would like to give a call to your local SSA office, they will be able to give you a more specific answer based on the details of your case.

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