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Friend of mine tells me she won her battle to get disability and they will backdate her payments to July of 2014. She wants to know if she will be eligible for Medicare.She is 62 and tells me that you have to have received disability for 24 months. Since her claim will be paid from July of 2014 will she immediately be eligible for Medicare ?

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Hi there,
Unfortunately the Medicare eligibility is counted from the time they start receiving benefits, rather than from the time they became disabled.

Lee (not verified)
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If you're gonna receive medicare, will my disability benefits be reduced?


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Hi Lee,
If you're eligible for Medicare, you may see the premium for Medicare taken out of your benefits check, but you may not see a reduction in the overall benefit amount that you receive.

Suzanne (not verified)
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I am not sure if you received my question at least a week ago. However it was in reference to my eligibility for Medicare and when I will actually be eligible. I had a five month waiting period withheld from my disability and I would like to know if I am entitled to it from the eligibility date or the receipt of the first disability check? Thanks for your help.

Suzanne (not verified)
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Actually I just read the reply to anonymous and that answered my question... I was hoping from date of eligibility but oh well. It's hard to get the care you need with share of cost. Thanks anyway.

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