Has anyone won because of grid rules?

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I was wondering how many people win because they fell in the grid rules? Did that speed up the process of getting your award letter and benefits?

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hi there,
grid rules may not expedite a decision on benefits, they determine fitness for work, re-training and career longevity.

Lisa (not verified)
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If I get approved it will be because of the grid rules. The VE said there were no jobs except sedentary which pushes me into the grid rules. When I left my hearing they were discussing my onset date because when I applied I was 49, but then a year later I turned 50 and I think that is when the judge will set my onset date. I'm with Bryan, I don't think it will expedite the decision but I guess I will see.


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Hi Lisa,
That is correct, it may not change the speed of the decision, it is only an assessment tool that the SSA uses.

jenifer (not verified)
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i am so confused about all this i have hepc,ptsd and bordeline personality disorded im not sure what the process is to get the proof of this..plus i was wondering idf incarceration for several years and the mental and physical abuse would hider or help?


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Hi there,
You may want to contact a disability advocate or attorney, they would be able to help you through the process and can fight for you if you need to appeal the SSA's decision.

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