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I am 51, I was 49 when I applied for SSDI. The last 15 years I have worked as a sales associate, sewing machine operator, and in a factory as an assembler. I am wondering if the grid rules will apply and help my case. My physical ailment is I have a rare disease in both my feet (I have had surgery on the left foot twice and once on my right foot) I also have plantar fasciitis in both feet and I cannot walk or stand very long at all without having to sit. I also use my bum left foot to work the pedal on a sewing machine so I cannot do that job any more.
the disease I have in my feet I also have in my hands but it's not all that bad in my hands. I also suffer from some mental issues too.
I am just wondering if I will fall in the grid rules for SSDI.


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Hi Lisa,
I really would not be able to say as I do not have the skills to make that determination, however it does appear like you have quite a few health issues that would stop you from being able to work. It may be a good idea to contact a disability advocate or attorney, as they can help maximize your chances of being approved for benefits. We can have one reach out to you if you fill out the form on the left or go here:

Lisa (not verified)

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I have a lawyer, but I have not talked to him yet. My hearing is next week, so I hope I will be able to talk to him soon. I know I can not go by the grid rules for my mental issues only my physical ones.

Lisa (not verified)
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I had my hearing today and I think it went well. They found me disabled but now I must wait to see if I will get my original onset date or he will change it to make me fit in those grid rules.

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