Married to a schitzophrenic does my spouse qualify?

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My wife has never had a job in her life. She qualified for SSI from the moment she turned 18 due to her mental health records. We got married in 2011 and her benefits were slowly reduced again and again(every time I got a raise at my job) until she got cut off in 2013 because I made too much money. Are there any types of benefits she could still apply for?

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Hi there,
Unfortunately because she does not have a work record and your household income is high enough that the SSA would not extend benefits to your wife, there may not be any benefits that she could be eligible for.

Teresa Cook (not verified)
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my husband wants to retire at the age of 62. he is 58 years old. His birthday is 04/01/1958. I am 55 years old and get Social Security Disability benefits of $226.00 a month. My birthday is 03/24/1961. When my spouse retires will I get Social Security off from him? Or will I have to wait til I am 62 or 65 years old?


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Hi Teresa,
You would only be eligible for benefits based off of his work record if you are disabled and are entitled to a lesser amount on your own work record.

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