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Is SSDI not Social Security Disability Insurance? I ask because I receive Disability but still have no health insurance. I tried for SSI but was given so much red tape it wore me out. Also, the agent was going back two YEARS into my banking account which I didn't understand for I did apply back then. He was drilling me about where this particular amount of monies came from, how I spent it, who I loaned money to, and how they were paying me back or were due to pay me back. I felt like I was at the IRS. But I desperately need health insurance. I'm 63 years old and have a LOT of medical problems that are going unattended to due to no insurance. Any help will greatly be appreciated!

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Hi there,
SSDI is Social Security Disability Insurance, and it's based on your work record. You would qualify for Medicare after 24 months on SSDI. With SSI, it is income based so the agent was being thorough regarding your finances. You may want to contact the office that administers medicaid in your state, they may be able to help you with insurance.

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