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Hi. I just finished a telephone interview attempting to get on disability. I'm sixty and just had two buccal mucosa excisions for squamous carcinoma (cheek) and a neck dissection. Still, to my dismay, in major pain and fearing a recurrence although the corresponding sectors of lymph nodes have been removed. Previously, I had six bouts of recurring bladder cancer and after the surgeries and chemo, have been clean for five years, but still get a cysto every six months. I've had pre-cancerous lesions frozen from my lip, have incurable lichen planus in my mouth, and had my first colonoscopy six months ago in which they found eleven polyps. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I feel like a cancer garden and feel like it's out to get me, basically.

This, and other life factors, have led to debilitating depression and uncontrollable anxiety. They've tried me on just about every medication possible and nothing has stopped it. This affect me when I'm at home or when I work, and I have a tendency to break down several times a day. I've become increasingly negative, my co-workers notice it, and I find it hard to keep a job. Only the woman who loves me, my two cats, and a small handful of friends have stuck by me.

I'm telling you all this so you'll be aware that I'm not just someone who is trying to get over on the system. I'm tired, stressed, and often wonder if I'll make it to retirement age. I just want to be very honest in all this.

My predicament is this....I need to find a job before my entire ship sinks. My domestic partner is presently on disability and her funds are used up to pay the bills. I NEED to get back to work after having had my last job outsourced overseas. My unemployment is running out and things are starting to look bleak.

I've been told that I can work part-time - up to 19 hours per week or less, and that I can only bring home up to $850 a month if I am to avoid being labeled "able-bodied" and having my claim denied. This is really all I home and my partner, and I don't want to lose either and I am willing to do my best for an employer. I just need to know the parameters and that is why I've come here. I'm sorry for the long post and sincerely thankful for any advice you might be able to give me.

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Hi there,
Yes, you may be able to work while receiving disability, however if you're getting income based benefits, your benefits would be reduced by one dollar for every two dollars that you make.

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Hi I am currently on disability in Illinois and have been receiving benefits for 5 years. My conditions are permanent and have somewhat deteriorated over the last few years. I was receiving Medicaid to help wil medical bills and was audited last May. I was told that the process would take 7 days but have not after several calls a month received any determination. My bills are exceeding my income and would like to try and get a part time light duty job to help pay my medical bills. I am innedated with medical costs and have no way to pay them. I am receiving $1034 a month and have a hard time working due to my medical problems. I am looking at trying to get a job working about 4 hours a day, 20 hours a week at minimum wage. How much can I earn and how many hours can I work to try and cover my bills? Will I have my benefits reduced per my income? I cannot work full time as my conditions will not allow it and cannot go without medical coverage. I only have 80% coverage now and I am pretty desperate not to loose my ability to get my medications due to my doctors not seeing me due to debt so I have been making payments as I can but the bills are growing and I have no way of paying them. Thanks for any advice..... Jon Heintz


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Hi Jon,
If you're on SSDI benefits, you can earn up to $840 a month without any change in your benefits. If you're on SSI, you will have a reduction of one dollar for every two dollars that you earn.

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I am receiving SSDI for a brain injury. I receive 3 direct deposits each month. 1 is the amount for myself, then I receive 2 other deposits for each of my teenage children. They each receive $456.00 per month in their own names. My own disability amount and the two separate amounts for my children total to make our “maximum family benefit”. My question is that since my son (oldest) is turning 18 AND graduating high school next spring, will his benefit be added to what his younger sister receives since she will only be 16? Will her current amount double? Also, would these changes be automatic, or would I have to re-apply, in some way, for my daughter to receive her older brother’s benefit once he “ages out”?


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Hi Leslie,

Your daughter can receive up to 50% of the amount of your benefit, so her benefit will increase to that amount unless it exceeds the household income limit. I believe it should change automatically, but you can always contact the SSA to make sure.

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