icf ssdi rules?

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I live in an intermediate care facility. I have Medicaid that covers very little of my medical expenses. I have been told that I can not use my disability money for any of my left over medical expenses. I can, however, buy a new tv, or new clothes or shoes, but not medicine I may need or dental work that I need that Medicaid does not cover.

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Hi there,
I'm sorry to hear that! Unfortunately, you may not be able to use your disability benefits for healthcare costs due to arrangements that the facility has with your state's Medicaid office, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, or any other insurers that are providing your care.

Lisa (not verified)
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My case is under review with council cause law judge said unfavorable but my conditions have turned for the worst and want to know if you now need 24 care with pca and my appeal was done on the 59th day when u get 60 and the lawyer I had is gone with no phone or address and many things have been rep wrong and my memory is now terrifying me cause could not remember my daughters name and have been abused my mental health place who is under investigation and is anything I can do to change stuff and explain I feel no one is available to help and scared to sleep cause think I will wake with no memory

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