SSDI and being forced into Medicare?

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Does one (like me - 52 year old) absolutely has NO CHOICE to stay in the Marketplace for healthcare insurance once it is the two year anniversary of the beginning of my SSDI benefits?

My limited understanding is that I have no choice. That once my two year anniversary hits -- then I will automatically, without any action or choice on my part -- be put on HIGH PRICED, crappy insurance -- Medicare A/B. My SSDI benefits will automatically be garnished like 150 bucks to pay for A/B. And, on top of that, I will still need to find and pay for a plan D?

It makes no sense. I am with a private insurer (BCBS) via the marketplace. I pay a $500 deductible, after that EVERYTHING IS FREE. I was on it last year. I signed up again for the same plan for next year. More competition, driving the prices down . . . that is the beauty of a truly 'free market'.

If the gov't FORCES me to buy their insurance (Medicare) so much for the benefits of a 'free market'. I will in Aug 2017 suffer the ill effects of a MONOPOLY.

I found out via the SSA that my 2 year anniversary is in Aug 2017. Why would the gov't force me to take crappy insurance (Medicare) that is about 500% more expensive than my current plan? Is it just a money making scheme for the gov't?

So much for a 'free market'. I just don't understand the philosophy of this whole thing other than it is an awesome and easy way for the gov't to make a ton of money. I thought monopolies were illegal?! I guess that doesn't apply to the folks that make all the rules.

Have any of you already fell victim to this two year anniversary racket? Is there no way around/out of it?


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Hi there,
You may not need to pay that Medicare premium.
If you already have coverage through a spouse or employer, you may be able to keep it and defer Medicare Part B ( This is what you would pay a premium for).
You may want to contact the SSA regarding this so that you are not charged for Part B premiums.

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I too am forced into this medicare nightmare at 57! I don't want it at all.
The cost is too high for my income. It's going to put me in hardship!
But there's no way out of it. It is a terrible thing for the government to do to people.


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Hi there,
You may be able to receive extra help with your premiums, you may want to contact the SSA, they would be able to assess your eligibility for this.

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Same here. 57 on disability and got a " WELCOME TO MEDICARE " pack in the mail!
Wt.....?? I CAN NOT afford to live now. Cut my SSDI by $200.! Total income is $225 more than my rent. I have a cheap cell phone, no cable. How is a person supposed to live on $225 per month?


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Hi there,
I'm sorry to hear about that! You may want to contact the SSA regarding this as you may be eligible for extra help with health coverage.

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I am discovering the same exact thing. My husband will hit two years of being on disability this December and is being forced to take Medicare.The insurance plans that I've had for the last two years have comfortably covered all his medical care especially his prescriptions and the premiums that I pay monthly or low. Now I'm being forced to put him on Medicare, most of the plants have high out-of-pocket limits and the prescription coverage is a joke. I don't understand this, I am being hit when I'm down. My husband was disabled two years ago and cannot work. We are family of four and now are going to be put in a worse financial position because of this. I make a little over the amount monthly, to qualify for Medi-Cal, so I cannot get medical to even help the Gap coverage or with his prescriptions it is ridiculous to do this to people when they've had such devastation in their family. With this high cost of Medicare I'm never going to be able to get financially comfortable for my kids again. My kids have already lost enough, they lost who their dad used to be and now with this financial burden of Medicare cost we may lose more. Like our home.

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I am in the same plight and was told to send a handwritten letter including all personal info including ss# and has to be signed to SSA Office of Disability Operations 1500 Woodlawn Dr Baltimore MD 21241-1500. They received and it has been pending since 8/22 and I call every week to check the status and still nothing being done as of 12/14/17

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Same here re forced to take medicare. It would seem that if I pay for private insurance and NOT medicare this would lower govt cost so the people who really NEED the medicare get it. SSA is kind enough to garnish my disability check for 134.00 month for part b which if I don't take will eliminate my SSDI check. wtf ?!!!! I am afraid of trump and the govt so no way am I going to go further into the mess by applying for ssi or food stamps etc to help. no way. Who knows what's down that rabbit hole ? Feeling very powerless right now.

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SBHarley, since my last post, I think I am making headway. After all the calls, an agent asked me if I had filled out a form OMB 0938-0025. Go to google and print this, fill it out and send it in to SSA Office of Disability Operations 1500 Woodlawn Dr Baltimore MD 21241-1500. I have filled out mine and am hopeful that this will do the trick. I also found out that the reason why I am not required to have medicare is because my husband doesn't retire for 11 more years and we have insurance thru his employer that for 15+years. If you don't have a spouse that has you on their insurance, I'm not sure if the form will work, but give it a try. The worst they can say is no.

Tina (not verified)

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This is my final update: Using the form listed in my previous updates along with constant pressure of my phone calls that were status updates and then a manager to manager update(this is the highest level apparently that a request can go to) has resulted in the Social Security Department refunding all of the medicare premiums that they took out that they were not to be taking out. My SSD statement online now shows the correct amount that I am to be receiving going forward.

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If you SSD is less than $1386 and you have less than $7500 in assets (Not your primary home or car) You will qualify for a Medicare Savings Program that will pay your Part B premium. In general, you will have great coverage with Medicare vs. any Marketplace plan. I help people with this all the time.

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Does this apply to all states... Because New Jersey seems to playing by different rules than everywhere else!

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We just got a letter today for my husband to get Medicare. He got Social Security after his first application. I have BC/BS through my employer. I am a teacher. Does my husband HAVE To take the Medicare at all? Can we just keep him on my insurance. I have a $4000 deductible which I will gladly pay because several meds and treatments he is on will not be covered under Medicare. I want to leave things as they are. Should I call Social Security and ask. My union rep said that I can just leave things as they are. I don't want to get in trouble or get hit with a HUGE bill later. Any advice!!!!

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